A great swimming teacher has several characteristics that make them stand out. They know how to motivate, have a strong understanding of the water, and care about the students in their class. If you're looking to become a better swimmer or learn how to swim, the following are some suggestions for what makes an instructor exceptional.

Knowledge about the foundations of swimming

Swimming teachers have the basic foundations of swimming and have the ability to help and guide their students to be the best swimmers they can be.

Knowledge of water safety

There are many ways people can drown while swimming—even experienced swimmers aren't immune! Your instructor should be able to explain these dangers in detail so that you can avoid them no matter how many times you go into the water. Your instructor should also have extensive water safety knowledge.

Have a variety of teaching styles

A great swim teacher will be able to teach in a variety of ways. This is important because every student learns differently, so having more than one way to teach them is essential. A good swim teacher will work well with various personalities, ages, skill levels, and physical challenges. 


As swimming is not just a physical activity but also an emotional one, your instructor should be able to motivate and inspire you to work harder than ever. You can tell this happens when your instructor's enthusiasm for swimming rubs off on you; it's contagious!


Great swimming teachers are equipped to deliver the same quality lessons even when circumstances change. They are flexible and adaptable. Even though they may have lesson plans that they follow to keep the delivery of the class exceptional, every day can be different.

Care for Students' Needs

Care for Students' Needs

Any good teacher cares about their student's needs first and foremost. A great teacher will try their best when teaching new skills and ensure everyone understands the lesson before moving on to something else. In addition, if there's anything wrong with the students' technique or form while doing something like freestyling, a great swim instructor will be there to correct the technique immediately before anything bad happens. They might even suggest other activities a student could do if their body isn't ready yet!

Excellent Communicator

The best swim instructors are also excellent communicators. It is essential to understand the importance of clear communication and use it consistently, especially when teaching children. Good communication means using simple language that all students easily understand. Swimming instructors should be able to explain complex concepts in a way that does not confuse or overwhelm the students—and they should know how to simplify information, if necessary.


One of the most critical traits of a swim instructor is patience. Teaching swimming involves patience, lots of it. It's possible that the student has never seen the inside of a pool before, or they may have been fearful of water-based activities all their lives. Teaching swimming is not as easy as it looks—it takes time and effort to help people overcome these fears and become more confident in the water.

Passionate about swimming

A great swim teacher is passionate about water safety, stroke correction, and the need to teach all people how to swim. A great swim teacher understands how important it is for students to feel comfortable in the water.

What makes Fulton Swim School instructors unique?

At Fulton Swim School, teaching swimming is our passion. We've created a structured program to ensure your child is continually progressing during their time with us. This is done by having an incredibly dedicated team of professional teachers who share their knowledge of the life skill of swimming.

Whatever your age or stage of development, we have a class that will suit you. Our teachers are all accredited by Swimming New Zealand and have won several NZSCTA awards for teaching. Our teachers are our greatest assets, and we invest in their continuing education as swimming educators. The reputation we have earned over the years as one of the top swimming schools around has grown along with our commitment to serving our students to the best of our ability.

What makes Fulton Swim School instructors unique?

Meet our Team Leaders

Jack in Botany

Our botany team is led by Jack, who has been with Fulton Swim School since 2016. He supports and motivates our fantastic team of youthful, energetic, enthusiastic, and enjoyable swimming instructors. You may also run into him when you enrol in swimming lessons at the Fulton Swim School Botany. 

Ashlin in New Plymouth

Ashlin has known she wanted to teach swimming since she took classes as a child. She began her career as a teacher in Northern Ireland and New Zealand in 2012, at 16 years old. When she's not in the water, she likes to travel, hike, and indulge in foodie adventures.

Lauren in Upper Hutt

Lauren has a Bachelor in Sport Coaching and has always had a passion for sports. She was Swimming NZ Wellington regional education manager for the past 12 years and has worked in the Learn to Swim sector. She can teach all levels of swimmers, from newborns to adults, and she enjoys watching their pleasure when they master new abilities.

Emma in Patumahoe

In 2019, Emma began her teaching career. She has been visiting the US, the UK, and Europe while working as an American Red Cross lifeguard at Camp America. She spent a few years at Fulton Swim School learning to swim while growing up and attending Patumahoe Primary School.

Ria in Puni

Ria is the 2015 NZSCTA Rookie Swim Coach of the Year and the 2021 NZSCTA Nan Niven Master Swim Teacher. She holds certifications from AUSTSWIM as a Swimming and Water Safety Assessor, an Infant and Preschool Aquatics Teacher, and a Swimming and Water Safety Teacher. She began instructing swimmers of all ages in 1999. She was a competitive swimmer in the Philippines for eight years before joining Fulton Swim School in 2012.

Our Fulton Swim School swimming instructors are passionate about swimming and have the knowledge, experience, and skills to teach students of all levels. They are patient and professional, with an excellent ability to communicate their knowledge. Finally, they have a passion for helping swimmers achieve their goals and are able to use a variety of teaching styles so that everyone can benefit from the lessons. 

Come to say hi! They are looking forward to seeing you at the pool.