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Choosing the right level of swimming classes for kids can be a challenging decision for many parents and caregivers. At Fulton Swim School, we understand the importance of placing swimmers in the appropriate level to ensure they receive the most effective and enjoyable experience. That's why we offer a comprehensive swim level assessment form, designed to assist in determining the ideal swimming class for each swimmer.

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Why Fulton Swim School?

Finding the right swim school for your child's swimming lessons is a crucial decision that can significantly impact their growth and confidence in the water. We believe in providing a nurturing and supportive environment in our swimming lessons for kids, where they can flourish both as swimmers and individuals. We invite you to explore our core values and get familiar with the unique approach we take to ensure every child's swimming journey is not only educational but also filled with joy and accomplishment


We have a passion for sharing our knowledge of swimming and teaching families the life skill and how to be safe in and around water.

We love what we do!

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Here at Fulton Swim School our family welcomes yours to experience the wonderful world of swimming with us. We value our team and continually strive for excellence in everything we do. We want to ensure you always feel part of our Fulton Swim School family.

Celebrating Success

Our swim school family loves celebrating the milestones your children achieve throughout their journey with our family, for the big and small achievements. Some of the ways we celebrate are:

  • Ringing the achievement bell while spectators stop and applause
  • Level Graduation Ribbons
  • Progress Reporting via our online portal
  • And of course swimming classes for kids filled with smiles and high five
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What people say about Fulton Swim School...

We looked at quite a few Swimming Schools before enrolling our daughter at Fultons. We couldn't be happier with the standard of training and the overall feel of the club. Their systems work and their communication with parents are excellent. We will not be moving anywhere anytime soon. We live in an area 25km away where there are ample swim schools to choose from, but Fulton still managed to end up top of our list. THANKS!"

Jana B

Before starting lessons with Fulton's my daughter had a fear of submerging any part of her face under water and had little confidence in the water. Watching her water confidence develop over the lessons has been magical. She loves diving under the water now. She started fully submerging just after a few lessons, she was over the moon about it. I am so very pleased we started the lessons with Fulton's, as the teachers there really care.

Fabulous swim school with amazing teachers. My children really enjoy their lessons and every single teacher that we have experienced knows their stuff and are great with the children. Would definitely recommend!

Michelle A

Our two children started with Fulton earlier this year and have be really enjoying it, both are progressing well and we are amazed at the extra confidence they show after each lesson, the teachers do an amazing job interacting with the kids.

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