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At Fulton Swim School we offer a nurturing approach to infant swimming, we place a strong emphasis on parent / child bonding in classes to ensure maximum progression from each participant.

Babies Levels

Preparing for the first baby swimming lesson

The first few months of water exposure are in the bath at home. Children are not born with fear, it is a learned emotion. Children pick up from their parents/caregivers so at this time we need to be confident, relaxed and with no distractions (turn off the phone, don't answer the door, have all equipment ready - clothes, towels, toys). Check that the water is at a suitable temperature - it should be at about 32 ℃, you can test with your elbow. Ensure the temperature of the room is warm and draft free when you start bathing.

Never leave the child or baby swimming unattended or in the care of a sibling, children can drown quickly and silently.

First swimming lessons

When you're ready to start baby swimming lessons in Auckland, Papamoa, New Plymouth or Wellington, make sure to choose a reputable swim school that specialises in infant swimming. At Fulton Swim School, we offer classes that are specifically designed to teach babies and toddlers to swim. Our baby swim classes are led by experienced instructors who use a nurturing approach that focuses on parent-child bonding.

During baby swimming lessons, your baby will learn water safety skills such as how to float, swim, and breathe in the water. These skills are essential for keeping your baby safe in and around water. They'll also learn to love and respect the water, which will help to instil a lifelong passion for swimming and other water activities.

Choosing the best baby swimming lessons in Auckland and across the North Island

When choosing the best swimming classes for babies, it's vital to think about the experience and care level provided by the teaching staff. Here at Fulton Swim School, we take pride in our warm and family-centred teaching approach. Our instructors excel in infant swimming techniques and are committed to creating a safe, nurturing environment that celebrates every little achievement your baby makes in the water. With our core values of passion, family, and celebrating success, each swimming lesson for babies reflects our dedication to your child's growth, safety, and enjoyment of swimming. Join us - where your child's swimming journey is met with care and expertise!

Baby Swimming Lesson at Fulton
Baby Swimming Lesson at Fulton
Baby Swimming Lesson at Fulton
Baby Swimming Lesson at Fulton

Baby Swimming Lessons Levels Available

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Nemo Level - Fulton Swim School

Jellyfish 1/2 Price Lessons

  • Age Indication: 3 -5 Months
  • Adult Participation
  • 8 child per class limit
  • 20 minute duration

Introduction to swimming, learning key skills that will aid in development of your child and their swimming skills. In a fun and nurturing environment, allowing you to further build a special bond with your baby.

Nemo Level - Fulton Swim School


  • Age Indication: 6 - 14 Months
  • Adult Participation
  • 8 child per class limit
  • 25 minute duration

Introduction to swimming lessons for babies, learning key skills that will aid in development of your child and their swimming skills. Beginner to advanced.