Terms & Conditions Of Trade


Fulton Swim School provides comprehensive water safety and learn to swim programs. Each program is arranged separately and is charged for in accordance with our prices which may vary during the year. Prior notification of any price changes will be given via our app and emailed before they take effect.

Programming of Lessons

Fulton Swim School swim programs operate throughout the year, continuing through school holidays. We do however close on public holidays, Easter Weekend and Christmas (Please see payment explanation). Fulton Swim School reserves the right to change lesson times and teachers due to booking demands.

Booking Confirmation

At present we accept bookings online; www.fultonswimschool.co.nz and via our Support Office and our Swim school reception. You will receive confirmation from us of your booking.

Please Note - Due to demand and online bookings we are not able to take pencil bookings. Once a booking has been made, it is taken as a confirmed ongoing booking.


Please note we are a CASHLESS business. No cash will be accepted, all payments can be made via visa debit and credit cards.

Fees for our swim programs during the year are to be paid in advance by monthly Direct Debit from a nominated credit or debit card on the 1st of each month. If Direct Debit fails a rejection fee of $20.00 per booking will be added to outstanding balance.

Fees for the holiday swim programs must be paid in full upon making your booking.

Whilst your child is enrolled with Fulton Swim School the direct debit payments will automatically continue from month to month, which runs in advance for the calendar month on the 1st of each month. 

Each payment incurs a transaction fee of $0.40 cents per transaction and 2.1% of transaction value, with an additional 1.15% inc GST applied for all international Visa/Mastercards.

If a payment is overdue for a period of 48 hours then your child's swimming lessons may be cancelled.

Statutory Holidays

Fulton Swim School does not operate on Public Holidays, Easter Weekend and Christmas (Please see payment explanation).

If your child’s lesson happens to coincide with a public holiday, there will be no charge for that lesson

Notice of Withdrawal


Please note it is your responsibility to provide Fulton Swim School with a notice of withdrawal in writing via email (info@fultonswimschool.co.nz) PRIOR to the 28th of the month, with the exception of January cancellations which must be received by the 10th December. If this date is missed you will be charged for a full month of lessons.

Once payment has been made and you then decide to withdraw your child from swimming lessons there will be no refund or credit for the payment made.  

Required Swimwear for Lessons

Under 3s are required to wear swim nappies and any child not toilet trained. We follow a double nappy policy which is a disposable swim nappy and a reusable nappy on top of this which can be purchased on site or via our website. This is to eliminate the risk of faecal matter in our pool. 

Goggles and Caps are required for children registered in our Explorers level onwards. However we do encourage all swimmers to wear these at every level.

Girls Fitting one piece togs (no bikinis, rash vests or board shorts)

Boys Fitting swim briefs or shorts (nylon rugby shorts are suitable)

Children swimming in rash shirts and board shorts are disadvantaged due to the drag that is created in the water by wearing them. This swimwear is great for the beach and to protect children from the sun but makes learning to swim difficult. We have swim caps and goggles available to purchase at all of our sites.

Parental Supervison

Safety of children/swimmers at Fulton Swim School is of primary concern. To reduce the risk of accidents, safety measures are in place at the Fulton Swim School facility. However, it is the parent’s or caregiver’s responsibility to ensure the children’s safety at all times while on Fulton Swim School’s premises.

CCTV / Photography

CCTV is now in place at Fulton Swim School. We reserve the right to monitor the safety of our swim school, teachers and participants.

Fulton Swim School may take photos or training videos of the lessons from time to time. In order to assess lessons, teachers or for advertisement.

Please ensure you're mindful when capturing memories of your children swimming. Check that your photos and videos only feature your own children, respecting others' privacy. While we allow you to photograph your OWN children, there are NO phones to be used in our change room facilities.

Missed / Make Up Lessons

Fulton Swim School needs to be notified prior to lessons if a child is ill or cannot attend, this must be done via online account / app.

Subject to availability, between both parties (Fulton Swim School and the Client) if Fulton Swim School have been notified of absence via app or web portal, we can offer Make Up Lessons (This is unlimited throughout the year). Make up lessons are an alternative timeslot / day from which the student is currently booked into. Make up lessons can only be booked 2 days in advance, and MUST be booked via our app or online customer portal on our website (an admin fee of $10.00 will be charged for those that request to book make up lessons via other means than through the portal or App).

Refunds or credits are not provided as an alternative. Make up lessons are not transferable to other students. Please be aware that students must have an ACTIVE BOOKING in order to redeem make up tokens. Make Up Tokens have no expiry, so will remain on your swim account should you cancel, however can only be used whilst you have an active booking.

In the unlikely event of lessons being cancelled due to something out of our control, for example a water quality (faecal or vomiting) incident, customer’s swim accounts will be issued with a makeup token.  Refunds/Credits will not be given.

Privacy Policy

Fulton Swim School reserves the right to collect personal information from you for the purposes of enrollment. This information will be used to assist us in providing swim school services and for any other purpose you may authorise. Fulton Swim School undertakes to maintain your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and any subsequent amendments or variations thereof.

Private Swimming Lessons

Maximum number of students in class is limited to 1. For any missed lessons due to unforeseeable reasons such as injuries/ illness Subject to availability, between both parties (Fulton Swim School and the Client). Fulton Swim School can offer Make Up Lessons into one of our scheduled group lessons.

Customer Satisfaction

If for any reason you are unhappy with our services, please let us know via info@fultonswimschool.co.nz and we will endeavor to fix it.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By enrolling with Fulton Swim School, you are acknowledging your acceptance to these Terms and Conditions.