Every student’s first swimming lessons and swim school experiences influence their perspective toward the water in the future. Because of this, choosing the best swim school is essential to ensuring that you or your child have a positive and enjoyable first swimming adventure. Given the diversity of swim schools available, below are some top reasons for choosing Fulton Swim School to start your swimming adventures.

Our “Do the Five” Method

At Fulton Swim School, we place a high focus on safety. We teach our students the "Do the Five" method to help them learn the five most important safety precautions to take before entering the water and while swimming. Thanks to our implemented systems, students can learn securely and confidently in all our swim school locations. 

1. Supervise

As adults, constantly watch your children while they are near water. Observe the 3-second check-on rule while children are around or in the water. It takes only a split second for a child to fall in water or get into trouble in the water. At Fulton Swim School, each student is observed by a teacher every three seconds while they are conducting a swimming session.

Children are less aware of others than adults are, but this can be developed. Encourage your child to consider where you are with regards to where they are while discussing the necessity of keeping them under supervision at all times when in the water. Asking questions is a great approach to help them become more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

You can use the following examples:

Can I see you from where I am?

As your child stands next to you, have them observe the water from your point of view so they can understand what you are seeing.

Is it possible for you to see me from where you are in the water?

Show them where they can swim before jumping in, and make sure they can always see you.

Is there somewhere you believe I won't be able to see you?

When swimming outside, especially if there are any corners or blind places, ask your child to identify areas where they may go without supervision.

2. Enrol in swim lessons

Teaching our kids to swim is the best way to ensure their water safety. Learning to swim provides kids more self-assurance and equips them with the capacity to protect themselves in the water should the situation call for it.

At Fulton Swim School, we teach survival and conventional swimming strokes. There are significant variations when employing them to escape difficulties in the water, even for adults. We strongly recommend that you continue practising with your child while taking them swimming since it reinforces what they learn in lessons.

3. Look for potential dangers

This is another approach to be mindful of the environment and what can pose a safety risk in the water. This may be done even if you're not going swimming and you are simply close to the water.

At Fulton’s, we teach our students to look for risks such as water depth, current, large waves or rips, boats, surfers, and other things. Asking our students to identify potential hazards or dangers is a great way to engage them in water safety education.

4. Do not swim alone

We highly advise our students to reaffirm the advice never to swim alone. Keeping an eye on children in and around water aligns with this. You should start teaching your child this lesson at a very young age by using phrases like "wait for me to say yes" or "don't go without mum or dad." Even as they age, teaching your child to ask permission before turning on the faucet, getting in the bath, or getting in the water can help them develop good judgement.

This is incorporated into your child's weekly training at Fulton Swim School. We educate children to wait for the teacher's approval before entering the pool, even if they are close by, as well as other skills like diving or swimming further than their level is capable of.

5. Learn first aid

If you own a swimming pool or want to take your kids to a pool that has no certified lifeguards on duty, it becomes even more critical for you to have the ability to respond in a water emergency.

The first and most crucial lesson students learn is never to leap into the water to save someone else because they can end up in trouble themselves. We educate our students to alert an adult or a lifeguard if they spot anyone needing help in the water.

We Offer Adaptable Swimming Lessons

Everyone starts swimming in our sessions at the right level based on their swimming skills, not necessarily their age. In this way, they won't consider swimming to be particularly difficult. We advise taking our Swim Assessment quiz to find out what swim level you or your child should be participating in. Children as young as three months old and adults of all ages can take courses with us. We adapt as your swimming ability improves to ensure you acquire the most refined techniques for being safe in the water. 

We instruct students in water safety techniques such as water acclimatisation and respect, building confidence in secure entry and exits, breath control, survival swimming strokes, floating, mobility, and improving standard strokes so you can swim farther more quickly.

We see swimming as a life skill and think that the key to constant and continual growth is to practise skills all year long. Fulton Swim School's curriculum is accessible all year round, even during the summer and winter holidays. By working in this way, we essentially provide you the freedom you need in this day and age to sign up at any time of the year and withdraw at any time. You are thus not required to attend lessons for an entire year. Continually operating throughout the year enables us to retain key teachers and staff members, ensuring you always have access to highly qualified instructors.

We Maintain a Minimal Class Ratio

Our objective is to keep class sizes minimal. We maintain a modest class size of students per teacher. This allows our instructors to concentrate on their pupils and guarantee quick achievement. Please get in touch with us directly to set up adult swimming lessons, coaching, long-distance swimming, or a fitness program for a particular role (like a police officer) that requires a certain level of swimming.

We Have Fun and Highly Qualified Instructors

The outstanding group of highly qualified teachers at Fulton Swim School is happy to impart their wisdom. Our curriculum has been created to guarantee that every student makes progress during their time with us. The relationship between a teacher, student, and parent is essential. For this reason, our teachers will make themselves accessible to parents and students for 5 minutes after each swimming class to discuss their progress and other topics.

We Celebrate Achievements

We enjoy both the major and minor accomplishments that you or your children achieve at Fulton Swim School. Here are a few of the ways we celebrate:

  • Ringing the success bell as onlookers pause and applaud
  • Progress reporting via our online portal
  • Ribbons for each level completion
  • Unlimited high fives and genuine smiles

We Take Pride of Our Great Facilities

We are committed to making swimming lessons enjoyable for every student. You may be confident that your children won't be overly distracted because our facilities are solely used for swim training. Our pools are consistently 32 degrees, ensuring every swimmer is constantly at ease. We refrain from using the harsh chemicals frequently used in larger public pools and swim schools to safeguard the safety of swimmers.

If you would like more details about Fulton Swim School, our programs, facilities, and instructors, please visit our website or stop by the pool to chat with us.