Our people at Upper Hutt

Kallum - Fulton Swim School Teacher


NZSCTA Rookie Swim Teacher of the Year 2016

Hello, I am Kallum. I was born and raised in the Hutt. I am the Team Leader for Fulton Swim School Upper Hutt and I have been teaching and working at a swimming pool for over seven years.

Most of my time away from work is spent on my friends, playing sports, going on walks and gaming. I studied at Victoria University of Wellington to earn a Degree in Science majoring in Ecology and Biodiversity.

I swam competitively for nine years and have competed for Wellington in the national swim champs gaining medals in multiple events. My favorite stroke is a tie between butterfly and backstroke.

I cannot wait to see everyone at the pool!

Alice - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi! I’m Alice and I’ve been teaching at Fulton Upper Hutt since 2017. I’ve loved the water my whole life - my Mum always said I could swim before I could walk. 

I grew up down the road in Lower Hutt so am native to the Hutt Valley. Outside teaching I also have a full time job supporting builders in NZ, and am working towards finishing my degree in Early Childhood Education. 

Brooke - Fulton Swim School Teacher


My name's Brooke. I've lived in Upper Hutt my whole life so I've grown accustomed to a balanced lifestyle of being firm and laid back which I find is handy when being a swim teacher.

If I'm not in the water, you can probably find me doing something related to movies, music, books, food, sports, or hanging out with friends.

I'm a big fan of swimming lessons being both productive and enjoyable, and believe that the best way to get 100% out of our swimmers is through positive connections and routine practice.

Looking forward to trying to make lessons as worthwhile as possible!

Delwyn - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi everyone, I’m Delwyn. I have been teaching at Fulton’s since October 2016. I am a mother of 2 adult boys and at times to the staff at Fulton Upper Hutt!

I am a Girls’ Brigade Leader and also enjoy pottering in my garden, reading and travelling.

I love teaching swimming and get a real thrill when a student achieves their goals.

Gabby - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey there! I'm Gabby.

I am currently a swim teacher here at Fulton. I really enjoy teaching, as I love seeing people progress and reach their goals. The reason I originally wanted to be a swim teacher is because, learning to swim is such an important skill and I want to be that person to help others to reach their full potential. I want to do this by making my lessons efficient whilst keeping them a fun as possible.

With my spare time i like to spend it with my friends and family doing whatever we can think of.

I have been teaching swimming since my final year of school and I love it. The biggest thing I have found I like about teaching is that the kid always brighten my day with there stories and smiles.

See you at swimming.

Kath - Fulton Swim School Teacher


NZSCTA Swim Teacher of the Year 2019 Finalist

Hi, I'm Kath and I have been a swim teacher since 2008. I absolutely love what I do, it is one of the most rewarding things ever.

I have a diploma in Child Psychology and an Early Childhood Swimming qualification and find it very useful in my work. I have lived in Upper Hutt since 2007 and love to read, travel and listen to music.

I have 3 children of my own and have always loved the water, so to be able to work in the pool is the best!

Can't wait to see you all.

Liam - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey I’m Liam.

I really enjoy swimming and have taken lessons since I was little with Fulton that have helped me in a lot of ways. In my spare time I enjoy gaming online, spending time with family and mates and playing the trombone. I wanted to become a swimming teacher so I could share my interest with kids as well as helping them improve their swim skills and safety in the water.

Nicole - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey everyone, I'm Nicole.

I was born in Tauranga, but I have grown up in Upper Hutt most of my life. I have spent time in the UK and traveling Europe. I have always loved swim teaching and love it here at Fulton.

I enjoy art, reading and love spending outdoors with my friends and family. I have grown up with a big family with over twenty cousins. We have all been together as we have gotten older spending our lives in and around the water, so I am most definitely a water baby.

Stanley - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi, I'm Stanley and I do my best to be firm, fair and fun in my teaching. I am also a youth worker at Maidstone Intermediate and have done this for over three years. I have plenty of experience in working with young people and find this to give me useful skills when it comes to teaching swimming.

I spend most of my free time with friends or trying to catch up on my reading.

If you have any questions about your child's progress, I will do my best to answer them all.

Blessings to all.

Harry - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey, my name is Harry. I was born in England but have grown up in Upper Hutt so definitely consider myself a local now.

I've been swimming for as long as I can remember, entering the pool before I could even walk, then took that love of the water into competitive swimming and now as a swim instructor.

I am currently studding at the New Zealand Institute of Sport in Health, recreation and coaching, so not only do I have coaching experience from being a swim instructor but also furthering my education at a degree level.

In my spare time you can find me on long drives to unexplored places with my friends, at the beach or river, or at the gym.

I look forward to meeting you all. See you at the pool!!