Our people at Puni

Alix - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi my name is Alix, I have been in and around water for many years and think swimming is a life skill everyone should learn. I have been swimming since a very young age including with Fulton swim school. I look forward to seeing you at the pool.

Amy - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi I’m Amy!

Since I was a kid I have always loved being in and around water. Because of this, my parents signed me up for swimming lessons here at Fulton Swim School Patumahoe.

For the past few years, I have been living overseas in Italy and returned home to NZ to study primary education at the University of Auckland.

Looking forward to meeting you all! :)

Ria - Fulton Swim School Teacher


NZSCTA Rookie Swim Coach of the Year 2015, NZSCTA Nan Niven Master Swim Teacher 2021

Hi! 😊

I started teaching swimming in 1999 from babies through to adults. I used to be a competitive swimmer back in the Philippines for 8 years. I have been with Fulton Swim School since 2012 and I just love it.

I am a qualified AUSTSWIM Teacher for Swimming and Water Safety, for Infant and Preschool Aquatics, and also an AUSTSWIM Assessor for Swimming and Water Safety.

Teaching swimming is my passion, I believe that swimming is a life skill everyone needs to learn, to be safe and have fun in the water. Outside of work, I love spending time with my son, family and friends.

Emma - Fulton Swim School Teacher



My name is Emma. I started teaching in 2019. I’ve been travelling to America, UK and Europe working at Camp America as an American Red Cross Lifeguard. Which was one amazing adventure. Growing up, I attended Patumahoe Primary School and learn to swim here at Fulton Swim School for a few years as well.

I believe that it’s super important for all Kiwi kids to learn to love the water and swim competently. In my spare time I love to dance and have been dancing for 15 years and have taught for 4 years. Working with children is so rewarding and something I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t wait to meet you all this year so feel free to come say hi!

Aaron - Fulton Swim School Teacher


I have been blessed to have the opportunity of teaching swimming for all ages in the Philippines for 22 years. I am thankful and grateful to have been given the chance to impart this life-skill and continue my journey as a swimming teacher here in Fulton Swim School. My goal for my students is for them to become better each time we have our lessons, and for them to enjoy while they are learning. My basic guiding principle in teaching is that if you make your students smile, you will definitely win their hearts, and everything will be easier for everyone.

Kayla - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi, my name is Kayla. I started my own swim journey learning to swim with Fulton Swim School when I was 4 years old. I love being around children and am very excited to share my experiences with all the students learning to swim as I think it is an essential skill to learn. In my spare time I enjoy, playing hockey, racing at dirt track and hanging out with my friends and family.

Elissa - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi, I’m Elissa. I love swimming and spending time in the water. I have other hobbies such as baking and sewing, and love seeing the joy from others when they receive the fruits of my hobbies. This is why I’m excited to work at Fulton Swim School and teach kids to swim confidently. It’s so necessary when living in a country like New Zealand where you’re never far from water. I am also completing my Duke of Edinburgh awards and in doing so have volunteered at Pippins for the last two years and have loved helping the girls there evolve and learn new skills. I learnt to swim through Fulton Swim School from a toddler, so I’m excited to give back and teach swimming. I can’t wait to see you all to teach the next generation how to swim and see them gain confidence in their swimming!

Josh - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi there! My name is Josh. I enjoy making and listening to music, sculpting and painting. I began my studies in psychology, but I enjoy working with children so here I am! Swimming is such an important safety skill, especially in New Zealand, and I myself learnt to swim through Fulton Swim School's Puni pool.

Nicola - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi, I'm Nicola

Swimming has always been a passion of mine and I swam competitively when I was a teenager and still love being in the water. All my children have attended swim lessons here at Fulton Swim School and I’m very excited to be returning as a swim instructor.

I look forward to seeing you at the pool.

Necie - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi, I am Necie.

I currently attend college and I hope to study Psychology one day. I love swimming and think it is an important skill to have. I look forward to seeing you at the pool and getting to know my students.

Carly - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hello, my name is Carly. I grew up around the water with boating, scuba diving and a home pool.

In my spare time I love to go camping, kayaking and other outdoor activities with my two young daughters in tow!

I believe that swimming is a vital skill for all New Zealanders to learn so they can be confident and safe in, on and around the water.

Having previous coaching experience in other sports I hope to provide the best tuition I can to your kids.

Abbie - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi I'm Abbie. I am 17 and a year 13 at Hamilton Girls High School. I swam competitively for six years and I am looking forward to passing this skill and enjoyment of swimming onto others.

Sarene - Fulton Swim School Teacher


My name is Sarene. I started teaching in 2010. I'm from Johannesburg in South Africa, where I started my career as a swimming instructor. I left my office job, as I wanted to make a difference in the world. I wanted to be a swimming instructor, as there is nothing more rewarding than knowing you have prevented a child or adult from drowning. Swimming is a life skill that we all need to have. I specialise in dealing with fear of water and near drowning experiences, in both children and adults. I look forward to meeting and helping you to love water as much as I do.

Elisha - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi, my name is Elisha. I have a passion for sports, including swimming, as I have loved it since I was little. I swam here at Fulton Swim School for many school related lessons, so it is a joy to come back and teach others too. Swimming is an essential skill that everyone should learn, and I strive to enable others to enjoy swimming as much as I do! I also love to work with kids, so I look forward to seeing you at the pool.

Tyler - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey! My name is Tyler and I have loved swimming ever since my very first lessons as a baby. I first joined Fulton swim school at 5 years old and then moved on to competitive swimming at 7 years old. I now swim for Pukekohe swimming club. I believe that learning to swim is such an important skill to have as New Zealand is surrounded by water and we all tend to be in or around water during our hot summers. I love to see kids improve and achieve their goals and I look forward to seeing when I am teaching.

Madison - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey Guys!! My names Madi and I learnt to swim at Fulton swim school at the age of 4. I moved on throughout the levels until i reached Fulton swimming club, I continued to swim for the club till i was 16. My passion is being in and around any body of water, and I believe that all children should learn to swim as it is an amazing life skill to learn. I can’t wait to share and pass on my skills with you and help you grow your confidence in the water. I look forward to help you achieve your goals as a swimmer!!

Eilis - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi, my names Eilis, I started swimming at Fulton swim school as a baby, I have been through all the levels right through to FAST. In my spare time I like to play netball and squash and also do tap dancing and have done since I was three. Look forward to seeing you all in the pool

Eilis - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi im Madi! I have a love for the water and am excited to be part of the Fulton team and teach kids to swim. I attend the local High School and enjoy spending time with children. I believe that swimming is important to learn in New Zealand, I look forward to being part of your swimming journey :)