Our people at Puni

Tamsyn - Fulton Swim School Teacher


NZSCTA Rookie Swim Teacher of the Year 2016

Hi there ! Most of you would all know me by now ! I started working with Fulton's in January 2015, however I have been apart of the Fulton Swim School family since I was at the age of 11 as I used to swim here for multiple years!

I grew up in Tairua, in the Coromandel Peninsula until the age of 7, which meant I grew up around water and loved the water from a very early age. It has always been second nature to me! I was part of Tairua Surf life saving for 5 years, and spent the last 2 years of this period as a Rookie life guard. I have a very strong passion for the water and swimming and absolutely love passing it onto all of those who I teach. I love gaining relationships with each child who I teach, and feel a sense of pride when I see them progressing throughout the years.

I still love to get into a pool to swim whenever I can - otherwise in summer you will catch me at the beach whenever I can be!

I am now happy to be Team Leader at Puni pool - and have gained a lot of knowledge over the years to get me to this point. Make sure you come and say hi whenever you see me!

Kaitlyn - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hello everyone, I'm Kaitlyn.

I've been a part of the Fulton Swim School Team for a while now. I've worked with children in different roles over the years, starting as a Nanny, then went on to work at Montessori House of Children before putting on my togs and joining Fulton Swim School.

I live on a farm with lots of animals and have always ventured to the beach at every chance I can. I'm a water bug at heart and not only love working with children but watching them learn and grow and being there for a good chat.

I can't wait to meet you all!

Amy - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hiii! I’m Amy! I love long walks on the beach also anything sweet to eat. Fulton’s been a huge part of my life ever since I was a kid and started swimming at Puni. I always looked forward to my swimming classes with my teachers and all I want to do is be that person for our future generation! So I’m super excited to be apart of the Puni Team!

Emma - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi everyone! My name is Emma I started teaching for Fulton Swim School in October 2020. I grew up in Matamata on a big dairy farm and spent every summer at the beach in Whitianga. I started swimming when I was 18 months old and have loved the water ever since! I used to swim for Matamata Swim Club and I absolutely loved it but sadly had to stop as I made the move to Pukekohe. I absolutely adore working with kids and watching them progress along the way. I am super excited to share my knowledge with each and everyone I teach!

I look forward to seeing you all poolside :)

Justine - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Bio coming soon! 

Leon - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hello my name is Leon, I have been swimming with Fulton Swim School since I was four years old, and now compete at a national level, competing at both indoor and open water events.

I too started off swimming in our Rugrats level at the shallow end of the Patumahoe pool, and now consider myself both honored and privileged to call myself a part time coach here. I am always open for a chat, and I look forward to seeing you all poolside!

Louise - Fulton Swim School Teacher



I am originally from the UK and moved to NZ in 2018 with my husband and 3 children.

Moving here has shown me how important water skills are to our youth as every weekend is a beach or pool weekend in summer so I look forward to teaching your children the skills I have learned :)

In my spare time, I love to sing, bake, and go camping with the family. Our household is a busy household so when we are together we try to make the most of it! I am genuinely excited about working at Fulton and look forward to meeting you all!

Summer - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey, my name is Summer. As a kid I would spend weekends and school holidays at the beach with my family. My grandparents lived in Opahi Bay and as kids we would spend days jumping off the pontoon. As the tide went out, we would go exploring around the rockpools and try to catch shrimp. My grandfather owned a seven meter launch and he would take us fishing and exploring around the Hauraki Gulf. As I have grown up, I have only fallen in love with water more and more. I am currently studying Marine Ecology at the University of Auckland.

Through my studies, I have learnt to scuba dive which is now an addiction. On weekends when I am not in the pool, I volunteer with an organisation called Experiencing Marine Reserves. Through my volunteering, I hope to educate people about over-fishing in the Hauraki Gulf and the importance of marine reserves.

“If we look after the water from the mountains to the sea, it will look after us. It is our life-force”

Shanna - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi everyone, I'm Shanna!

I first started working for Fulton Swim School over the new year of 2021. I grew up in a rural suburb - Clarks Beach so often swam in the Manukau Harbour as a child!

I'm a Mum and Step Mum to 5 children which my Partner and are bringing them up on a dairy farm that we live and work on! So living a very busy lifestyle!

I really enjoy the outdoors and love to adventure! Hunting, Fishing, camping! Enjoy it all. I'm also a part time Support Worker which I've loved doing for the last 5 years!

My daughter is also currently swimming with Fulton Swim School which made me want to join in and teach other children as well! I  love watching them learn and grow as individuals -  I can't wait to meet you all.

Charlize - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi Everyone! I'm Charlize. 

I started swimming at Fulton Swim School around the age of 5 and have loved being in the water since. Ive grown up on a farm with lots of animals so I enjoy being outdoors on new adventures. I spend my spare time sharing laughs with friends and family, or chilling at our local beach Kariotahi. I am super excited to be a part of the Puni team and look forward to seeing you all poolside!

Trina - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi everyone, I’m Trina! I have been swimming from the age of 3, which has allowed me to understand the importance of teaching kids how to swim, especially here in New Zealand. I love being in the water whether that is in the pool or at a beach. 
Over the years, my love for working with kids has grown so much that I hope to be a school teacher in the near future.
Being outdoors and experiencing exciting adventures and cultures are some of my favourite things to do in my spare time and I am always seen trying something new.
Can’t wait to see you all around the pool :)