Our people at Botany

Jack - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Kia ora tātou

My name is Jack, My journey started with FSS back in 2016 as a new Swim Teacher and since then, have had the privilege of teaching life skill of swimming for 6 years! I never found myself doing swim teaching long term when I first applied for the position but now I can't see myself leaving. Most of my time is now spent supporting the staff and student in their classes, welcoming new customers to the FSS family and sharing my experience and knowledge of swimming with as many people as possible.
I am grateful to have this position of Team Leader at Botany Pool - It's like a home away from home. If you see me make sure to come say hello!

Nga Mihi, Jack

Paige - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi everyone! My name is Paige.

My favourite part of being a swim teacher is seeing the kids faces when they get a stroke right or push themselves out of their comfort zone. I have been swimming for as long as I can remember, may it be swimming or diving.

If I’m not in the pool you’ll find me singing my lungs out or dancing up a storm. I am also currently studying ecology and marine science at the university of Auckland and hope to one day go into conservation or primary school teaching :)

If you see me around come say hi! I can’t wait to meet you all!

Josie - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi! My name is Josie. I'm super excited about teaching children the life skill of swimming! I'm currently a high school student at Macleans College and I plan on studying law next year at UOA. I absolutely love working with kids as they're so bubbly and energetic to talk to and be around. In my spare time, I'm usually studying, watching Netflix or sleeping! I hope to see you all around :)

Jenna - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi all my name is Jenna, I am so excited to be a part of the FSS family, to start a teaching role and pass on my passion and love for the water.

I started swimming when I was a young child through swimming schools like FSS and got to practice using the skills I learnt living on the family boat over school holidays.
I currently work as a Dispensing Optician and a Master of a small commercial dive boat Captain. I can’t wait to work with the amazing FSS families and help children reach their swimming goals. During my spare time I love to spend it with my family or in-the water Scuba Diving around the world.
My favorite sea creature is the Nudi Branch (Sea Slugs) they have such amazing colors. Don’t be shy if you see me around say hi and tell me about you favorite sea animals.
Looking forward to meeting you all!!!

Liam - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Heya! My name's Liam. I absolutely love working with the kids here at Fulton because of their eagerness to learn new skills in the water that will almost certainly help them in their future! I believe that it is essential for every child in New Zealand to be able to have at least basic water skills, and I'll do my very best to help those aspirations come true! I began swimming from when I was a toddler, and have progressed through the process of learning how to swim to being a competitive swimmer today, so you might see me at a swim meet or two! I look forward to helping your child to learn skills in the water! Cheers.

Varchasava - Fulton Swim School Teacher

V - Varchasava

Kia ora! My name is V. I am grateful to be a part of the Botany Fulton Swim School team and sincerely enjoy my time teaching kids swimming! I started swimming from a relatively young age, progressed and was a competitive swimmer. In my own time I'm either studying, as I'm a senior student at Botany Downs Secondary College, or in the gym lifting some weights. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Amelie - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi, I’m Amelie! I am a current student who loves to dance, keep fit and hang with family and friends. I feel privileged teaching people how to swim which is such an important skill to learn.

I look forward to seeing you at the pool!

Isabel - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey everyone! My name is Isabel. I am honoured and extremely excited to be working at Fulton swim school! I learnt how to swim at a very young age and ever since then i've grown to have a passion for the water and swimming. I believe that swimming skills are essential for a child to have as it helps them build confidence in and out of the water, and that is my main priority in this job to give kids confidence while swimming... while also making sessions really fun! If i'm not in the pool you will find me studying and doing health labs as i am a student at AUT studying Nursing. I have a great passion for health and fitness also, so in my spare time you can find me either in the gym or playing hockey! Absolutely looking forward to meeting you all:)

Larissa - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi there! My name is Larissa, I am a student at BDSC. Over the years I have found that I am a very sporty person and always like trying out new things. I am very loyal and committed in everything I do and always do my best. I look forward to teaching my students the life skill of swimming!

Mark - Fulton Swim School Teacher


I started swimming at age 12. At age 17 I became the youngest Water Polo Philippine Team member where I won 3 silver medals. One for 1993 South East Asian Game(Singapore),1993 Arafura Games (Darwin Australia) and 1995 Arafura Game (Darwin Australia). Since then I continued coaching, where i develop a strong passion for mentoring and giving confidence to young kids with the passion for swimming.

Jasmine - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi, my name is Jasmine! I am very passionate about sports. My favorite sports are rock climbing and netball. I am also very passionate about my culture, I do my best to embrace it. One of the things that help me do this is bhangra/giddha (traditional folk dances)

Paige M - Fulton Swim School Teacher

Paige M

Hi I'm Paige and I am super excited to meet you all! I have loved swimming ever since I can remember and am thrilled to be sharing my love with all of you! I am very much a people person who loves to talk, so don't be afraid to come and have a chat! If I'm not in the pool, you can find me on the stage performing in musical theatre shows, playing waterpolo, or chilling out watching Netlfix with my animals. I hope to see you around!

Minnie - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi all! My name is Minnie, and I'm thrilled to be a part of the Fulton team and to be teaching critical and essential swimming skills. I am currently a first year student at UOA studying a Bachelor of (Primary) Education, with great passion for teaching and love for working with students. Watching children learn, grow and progress is a key motivation for joy in teaching. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Tyra - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey everyone! My names Tyra. I’m super excited to be working at Fulton Swim School. I’ve been swimming since I was a toddler and I really enjoyed my swimming lessons. My goal is to help my students learn how to swim and also to enjoy their swimming lessons as much as I did when I was little. The most rewarding part of this job would definitely be seeing the smiles on the kids faces when they learn a new skill or when they ring the bell and move up to a new level. I’m currently in my last year of collage at Botany Downs Secondary Collage. In my spare time when I'm not in the pool teaching you’ll either catch me studying, catching up on my favourite Netflix shows or hanging with my family at the beach. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Alice - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey there, my name’s Alice, I’m a student at Botany Downs Secondary School. I'm super thrilled to be a part of the team here at Fulton swim school. Swimming has become a passion of mine since the age of 5 to this day and I can't wait to pass on my knowledge and teach young ones the essential swimming skills that every New Zealander needs. It's such a rewarding feeling seeing kids find pride in their own achievements and grow confidence in the water. I hope to be a key part in each of my students' successes, as that is my main priority here at Fulton as well as making classes a fun, supportive environment! In my own time I’m usually studying or training at the gym. I hope to see you all soon, don’t be shy to say hi if you see me!

Chris - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hello, my name is Chris McIntyre. I'm a college student that loves swimming, and working with kids. I love food, video games, building things, reading, and writing. I can't wait to share my love of swimming with my students.

Nue-Dantri - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey my name is Nue-Dantri! I'm fun, creative and have a bubbly personality. I enjoy dancing, sports and staying active, and I love hanging with my family and friends. I am super excited to be teaching children how to swim as it's super fun and a good life skill to have. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Barron - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey, my name is Barron, I am a student at Pakuranga college. I am super excited to be part of the FFS team as I have always been passionate about swimming, whether it's at a beach in the west or a just a local pool, swimming has always been a huge part of my life and I can't wait to express my love of swimming with my students.

Makayla - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hi! I'm Makayla! I’m very energetic, kind, respectful and can't wait to teach your child how to swim!

I look forward to seeing you at the pool.

Guransh - Fulton Swim School Teacher


Hey there! My name is Guransh. I am an enthusiastic swimmer who loves the water! I've been swimming since the age of 9 and I'm excited to help others become confident and skilled swimmers here at FSS. In my own time I enjoy spending time with family and friends.