Patumahoe Swimmer of the week

Week of Sunday 10th of June

image of Taylor Moore

Taylor Moore

Taylor Moore can now confidently put her face in the water. She is happy to venture to the deep end with her class and do jumps by herself. Taylor can now do a balloon face and kick with one board with ease now.

Keep up the good work Taylor

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Week of Tuesday 5th of June

image of Talia Robitaille

Talia Robitaille

Talia is very good at listening to advice and implements it into her swimming. She is always keen to learn something new. Talia\'s breaststroke technique is very good, and she has now got the hang of her three second glide. Tahlia can also do tumble turns and push off on her tummy.

Keep up the good work Tahlia!

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Week of Tuesday 29th of May

image of Finn Berrington

Finn Berrington

Finn is always trying really hard and wanting to improve. He is improving well and has had a boost in confidence. Finn listens to what his teacher has to say and is very respectful in his class. Finn has achieved 4 out of 5 of his goals for our Explorers level.

Keep up the good work Finn!

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Week of Friday 25th of May

image of Millar Te Rangi

Millar Te Rangi

Millar has improved so much on his endurance and technique for his Freestyle and backstroke. He also now has his timing spot on for Breaststroke and Butterfly. Millar has a fantastic dive and he loves to race!

Keep up the good work Millar!

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Week of Monday 21st of May

image of Fletcher Wallbutton

Fletcher Wallbutton

Fletcher only started swimming with us a little while ago and has quickly progressed through our Crabs level into Stingers by mastering his breathing position on his pillow. Fletcher can now do his freestyle all the way to the bench without standing up and has a good strong tick on his back.

Well done Fletch, Keep up the good swimming :)

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Week of Friday 11th of May

image of Frankie Gill

Frankie Gill

Frankie\'s confidence in the water has progressed so much within the last 2 months. She started off not wanting to go under the water and is now submerging for over 5 seconds. She has been working towards her floating and kicking without any assistance and is starting to master this quite nicely ! She is also wanting to challenge herself and is willing to learn new things which makes it a pleasure teaching her.

Keep up the good work Frankie

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Emily Stephenson

Emily Stephenson

Emily always comes to every class with a positive attitude and a smile. She tries really hard to swim with both arm and leg rotations. She is able to float on her back unassisted for a short period of time

Keep up the good work Emily!

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Eddie Lehrle

Eddie Lehrle

Eddie shows up to every lessons with a great attitude and always gives 110% with his swimming. He has made some huge improvements with his technique in breaststroke and always works to improve from critique. Eddie has also picked up his butterfly very quickly and I can see he has been practicing lots over the break as he come back just as strong as when left.

Keep up the good work Eddie!

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Leo Booker

Leo Booker

Leo is able to glide with a very good streamline body and can hold his breath all the way to the flags! He has a nice strong and fast kick. His arm and leg co-ordination is coming along nicely aswell!

Keep up the good week Leo!

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Zavier Hill

Zavier Hill

Zavier has come such a long was with his swimming over the last quarter. His confidence has truly shown over the weeks and is now submerging under the water for more than 5 seconds. He will paddle his arms and kick his legs as much as he can throughout his lesson and is always joining in with everything. He is on his way to becoming a great little fish in the water !

Keep up the good work Zavier!

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Carter Renney

Carter Renney

Carter can do his rotations for 20m with and without googles. He can lie down on his pillow with minimal / no aid for 8m. He also has an awesome body position and amazing dive.

Keep up the good work Carter!

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Week of Tuesday 1st of May

image of Sienna Edwards

Sienna Edwards

Sienna is able to participate in class activities with a smile. She can float on her back assisted and also kick on her tummy assisted. Her teacher Claire is so proud of how far she has come and how much more confident she is at trying new things!

Keep up the good work Sienna

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