It’s the beginning of a new year - a great chance to start fresh, take action towards accomplishing new goals and mastering new skills! So, what goals have you set for yourself? What goals have your children set for themselves? And what goals are your family working towards together? 

If anyone in your family is working towards growing their water confidence this year, then you should consider enrolling in a swim school in 2024. 

How Swim Schools Can Help Kids Feel More Confident in the Water 

At Fulton Swim School, we know that being in, or near, the water can be scary! That’s why all of our teachers focus on helping children build their confidence in the water so that they can stay safe and have fun in the pool!

Here’s how your child’s water confidence could benefit from participating in swimming lessons at an expert swim school like Fulton Swim School:

The perfect environment 

Learning to swim puts children in a new environment, they’re forced to process new sensations and move their bodies in ways they haven’t needed to before. It’s no wonder many young Kiwis feel overwhelmed and upset when first learning to swim!

Learning to swim in lakes, rivers or oceans comes with added distractions and unnecessary risks. All of our facilities are purpose-built so there are fewer distractions and help is on hand if and when swimmers need it. Our pools are heated to 32 degrees Celsius to help maximise your child’s comfort! So, if your child lacks water confidence, it’s the perfect environment to build it.

We know that as a parent, you want your child to be safe and comfortable, but you also want your child to have the skills to get themselves out of a sticky situation in the water, if they ever find themselves in a vulnerable position. Taking swimming lessons in a pool might still feel uncomfortable for many children to begin with, but it can help them to overcome their fear of the water and it is incredibly empowering for young kids - making them feel more confident within themselves. 

body water confidence

Body confidence

While we firmly believe that no one’s worth is tied to their physical appearance, at some point in our lives, the majority of us will struggle with body image and this can have a huge impact on overall confidence. Sadly, your child is likely to fall victim to a lack of body confidence at some stage during their life, attending lessons at a swim school may help lay the foundations to show them that their body is amazing because of what it can do, rather than focusing on what it looks like. 

Regularly participating in swimming lessons may help your child to feel stronger, build endurance, and find enjoyment in exercise. Many studies have shown that, long-term, swimming has been shown to have a huge host of benefits, and not just on your child’s physical health, but their mental health too! Who are we to argue with science? All we know is that swimming is great fun and that’s good enough for us! 

Support from their friends 

Swim schools give children the opportunity to build their confidence meeting new people and making new friends. Our classes are all kept relatively small which gives quieter children the chance to come out of their shells more easily and begin building friendships with others!

We’ve seen it firsthand, swimming schools help children to be more caring and supportive to others and our lessons help students build lasting friendships. What could be better for your child’s confidence than knowing that they have a great circle of wonderful, caring friends around them who will be there for them when things are tough and celebrate their successes when things are great? 

Support from YOU!

We all want the same thing; for your child to feel confident in the water! So we welcome your feedback and participation. We ask all parents to stay for their children’s classes and we welcome any and all feedback you might have! 

water confidence - Trust the experts

Trust the experts

Fulton Swim School has been helping children to feel more confident in the water since 2005. No doubt, you’ve been doing an awesome job introducing your children to the water and teaching them some swimming basics, but it can be a big help to have a trained professional teaching your child about water safety too! Our incredible team of swimming teachers all know exactly what your child needs to feel safe, build their confidence in the pool, and learn the life-saving skills of swimming and water safety. 

We offer classes with curriculums tailored to different ages and levels of water confidence. This ensures each student gets to focus on the skills they need to learn, without being overwhelmed by skills they aren’t ready to work on just yet. As children progress, they move up through the levels so that they can keep challenging themselves and building their confidence. 

We make sure that every swim school student is encouraged and rewarded for their accomplishments in the water with our achievement bell, graduation ribbons, digital certificates and lots of smiles and high fives! By focusing on the positive steps your child makes in the water, we can empower them, show them that they can do whatever they put their mind to and help them grow to be confident adults.

When you enrol your child in your local Fulton Swim School, you can trust that your little ones are in good hands and you’ll be watching their confidence soar in no time at all! Our lessons will teach your child to overcome challenges, to set goals, smash those goals out of the park, support their mental and physical health with exercise, and make new friends.

If you’re not sure that our swim schools are right for your child, feel free to pop in before you enrol to get an in-person feel for our swim schools and chat with our friendly staff - we’d love to show you around!