About Us

At Fulton Swim School we offer opportunities for everyone to learn to swim, as well as providing expertise to enhance you or your childs swimming ability. From 6 months of age through to adults we have a class to suit your needs. All of our teachers hold Swimming New Zealand accreditation as well as winning several NZSCTA awards for teaching. We take pride in our teachers and invest in their continued development as swimming education providers.

Over the years our reputation as one of the best swimming schools around has grown along with our desire to offer the best service we can for our students.

Our philosophy

Our Aim is to teach every child in New Zealand the life skill of swimming and how to be safe in an aquatic environment

At Fulton’s we have found that positive swimming experiences bring a lot of pleasure to our learners. Therefore we have designed our programmes to make the experience as enjoyable as possible without compromising the standards.

The content of our courses encourages safety, improvement and confidence among students in water activities. Small teaching classes (maximum of four excluding Infants and Squads), and a specifically designed programme are used to ensure children are constantly progressing.

Intro to Fulton


Meet the team

Daniel Fulton

NZSCTA Rookie Swim Teacher of the Year2009

A successful competitive swimmer, represented Counties countless times, travelled overseas to compete and is a twelve time national medalist. After giving up swimming competitively Daniel Fulton established a Swim School. This saw the creation of Fulton Swim School, established in November 2005.

image of staff Daniel Fulton

Roland Sarmiento

Hi Everyone, my name is Roland and I have been a Swim Coach for over 14 years now. I have taught children in the Philippines and in Singapore and now New Zealand. Swimming is my passion and nothing makes me happier than seeing my students achieve their goals and become excellent swimmers. I graduated from University in Physical Education and love all sports, especially Basketball which I play when I am not in the pool.

image of staff Roland Sarmiento

Tamsyn Bush

NZSCTA Rookie Swim Teacher of the Year 2016

Hiya, I started swimming with Fulton Swim School when I was 11, after moving to Franklin from the Coromandel. Having grown up at the beach I spent most of my childhood in the water and have always loved swimming! I was part of surf lifesaving for 5 years and was a rookie lifeguard for the last 2 years. I still have a strong passion for swimming and like to get into a pool and swim whenever I can. I am so proud to be able to pass my passion onto the children I teach and to watch them grow as competent swimmers.

image of staff Tamsyn Bush

Jacob Suckling

Hi my name is Jacob, I have been swimming my entire life. I was in the pool with Mum and Dad before I could even walk and went through swimming lessons during my early childhood. I grew up around the water, spending summers camping at lakes and beaches. I have played Water Polo and Underwater Hockey competitively and really enjoying wakeboarding and surfing even though I’m not too good at the latter.

I know the importance of learning to swim and how being in the water is an integral part of growing up In New Zealand, because of this I am excited to share what I know with the kids of today.

image of staff Jacob Suckling

Rebecca Petty

Hello my name is Rebecca, I have always had a passion for swimming and grew up around the water! I believe that learning to swim is an important life skill to have. I worked at Fulton Swim School as a Swim Teacher back in 2009 - 2010. Now I am back again working in the office and relieving in the pool when required. I will most likely the person that answers your emails and phone calls.

image of staff Rebecca Petty

Abbey Austin

Hello All, my name is Abbey and I have been working at Fulton for over a year now. I find providing children with the confidence and support they need to swim so rewarding and enjoyable, which is why I love my job!

image of staff Abbey Austin

Joshua Cox

Hi my name is Josh,

I have always had a passion for being in and around the water from a young age. I have had previous coaching experience in a wide range of sporting backgrounds. Outside of work you will fins me doing a wide range of action sports, from long boarding to wake boarding and everything in between.

image of staff Joshua Cox

Sarah Beskalo

Hi there, my name is Sarah.

Being an old student at Fulton Swim School I am excited to be back encouraging the next generation. I have my ECE level 3 Certificate and Child first aid Certificate. I love working with children of all ages, and enjoy seeing them overcoming fears and personal barriers and helping them to develop into confident swimmers.

image of staff Sarah Beskalo

Chris Ewart

Hi my name is Chris,

I’ve been in and around the water since as long as I can remember. As well as being a surf lifeguard, I am currently studying Paramedicine at university. This has increased my awareness of water safety and the need for children and adults alike to be able to be confident and safe in the water. Outside of work, you can find me catching fish under and on top of the water as well as exploring new places around the Coromandel peninsula.

image of staff Chris Ewart

Claire Fellows

Hi my name is Claire. I have grown up around the water doing a lot of swimming and water sports over the years. I'm currently in my second year of uni studying Primary teaching. In my spare time I love travelling with family and friends and shopping!

image of staff Claire Fellows

Ria Langit

NZSCTA Rookie Swim Coach of the Year 2015

Hi! I’ve been teaching swimming for more than ten years now from babies to adults. I used to be a competitive swimmer back in the Philippines for 8 years. I love teaching children to be safe and watching them having fun in the water is very fulfilling. I have one son, Ethan and my brother also used to teach at Fulton Swim School. I love the outdoors and spending time with my son. I am a qualified AUSTSWIM Teacher for Swimming and Water Safety, for Infant and Preschool Aquatics, and also an AUSTSWIM Assessor for Swimming and Water Safety. I am the Head Coach for FAST (Fulton Amateur Swim Team) which is our competitive swim team.

image of staff Ria Langit

Justine McGregor

NZSCTA Swim Teacher of the Year 2015

Attended Pukekohe High School and have been teaching swimming since 1992 in the Manukau area. Swimming is a passion and teaching is something I love, being able to help young ones discover this wonderful world! I am a country girl, lived on a farm all my life and now manage one. Hobbies include water sports and all outdoor activities including fishing and animals. I am Pisces, so have to work in water.

image of staff Justine McGregor

Rachel Cochran

NZSCTA Rookie Swim Teacher of the Year 2011

Hi my name is Rachel and I am married with a primary school aged daughter. Swimming has always been a passion, having competed as a child. I believe that all children from an early age should learn the life skill of swimming. I was awarded NZ Rookie Swim Teacher of the Year in 2011. Other interests of mine include horses, childrens soccer, being out- doors and most other sports!

image of staff Rachel Cochran

Jess Hawke

Hi my name is Jess and I have been a swim teacher for about a year now. I attended swimming lessons at Fulton Swim School when I was younger, progressing through all the levels and then I went on to swim competitively for the swim club. Swimming has always been a big part of my life. Being a swim teacher is a very rewarding job as you get to teach children how to swim which is a skill they will use for the rest of there life, it is also rewarding seeing children achieve their goals. I am currently at University of Auckland studying Physical Education which is a sport /teaching degree.

image of staff Jess Hawke

Cydney Owen


My name is Cydney, I am from the U.K. and have recently moved to New Zealand. I have been teaching swimming for 5 years; starting out as a helper and working my way up to become a qualified level 2 teacher.

I love teaching swimming and helping the children of all ages and abilities.

I hope to be a friendly face within the Fulton swim school community and am always open to take on advice and suggestions but overall I wish to be the best teacher I can to your children.


image of staff Cydney Owen

Meighan Clatworthy

Hi, my name is Meighan and I have been swimming my whole life. I was a competitive swimmer for a few years before moving to the franklin area. I’m really excited to be able to teach swimming since it’s always been a big part of my life

image of staff Meighan Clatworthy

Riley Hunter

Hey, my name is Riley.

I've been swimming since I was two years old and have had 12 years of swimming training. I have been swimming competitively the majority of my school years. I’m also a qualified PADI rescue diver and have been diving since I was 12, so swimming and being in the water is definitely a passion of mine.

I became a swim instructor because I know how important it is to be able to swim and everybody should have the opportunity to be able to learn how to swim. Also because of my passion for swimming and being in the water I very much enjoy passing on my swimming experience and my passion for it.

image of staff Riley Hunter

Daniel Frial

Hi there, I'm Daniel!

I have a love for sports, growing up I have been involved in multiple sporting activities.

I have completed a Tertiary course on Sports and Fitness. I believe my passion and also being very experienced in sport allows me to teach children effectively.

image of staff Daniel Frial