Our People At New Plymouth

Christina Davis

I began Swim Teaching with Fulton Swim School - in 2015 and have taught hundreds of brilliant children from babies through to squad levels

I have grown up doing just about every water sport you can think of. However my favorite was surf life saving where I spent seasons Life Guarding, teaching IRB drivers and teaching Rookie Lifeguards.

So working for a Swim School came very naturally to me with a Water Safety and Surf background.
I have a true passion for teaching and helping families become safe and

enjoy the water while learning the life skill of swimming.

I am now happy call Fulton Swim School - New Plymouth my new home.

image of team member Christina Davis

Ali Goodwin

Hi I'm Ali, I've loved the water ever since I was little due to the fact of how much freedom it gives me physically and mentally. My love for the water lead me into competitive swimming for 4 years, where I was able to set a New Zealand para athlete swimming record. My dog Charlie loves helping his mum get ready for work and would love to teach with me if he could. He really is my best mate, my pride and joy - absolute dog lover .

image of team member Ali Goodwin

James Church

Hi there I am James Church

I have been Swim Teaching for over 10 years on and off and am super excited to join the Fulton Swim school Family. I am a father of three beautiful children. Anything that evolves water I love, I used to Surf, I swam competitively and also played Water Polo.

I love watching the progression and enjoyment of children as they learn to swim and think it is a important part of growing up.
image of team member James Church

Jasmin Carr

Hi my name is Jasmin Carr and I have been teaching swimming for around 3 and a half years now. In my spare time I take dance classes and compete at dance competitions. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old so it’s a pretty major part of my life.

image of team member Jasmin Carr

Jaxon Madden

Hi, I’m Jaxon,

I started training at Coastal Aquatics last year, and have been employed as a qualified swim teacher since the start of 2018. I became interested in swim teaching as I swam competitively until I was 16. As of 2018, I am Deputy Head Boy at Spotswood College.

image of team member Jaxon Madden

Joy Harper

Hi my name is Joy Harper. I’m a mother of three and grandmother of two. I have been teaching swimming for 3 1/2 years. I really enjoy giving children the tools to be safe in the water. I have my Swim Teachers Award and Early Childhood / Babies Swim Teacher Award.

image of team member Joy Harper

Madde Ogier

Hello I'm Madde,

Swimming has been a massive part of my life and my whole family has been super involved with the sport for as long as I can remember.
I did competitive swimming since I was 8yrs old and have represented Taranaki or breaststroke and backstroke in National Swimming events

I have been a swim teacher for a few years now, and I have loved seeing the progress that my students have made over the years

image of team member Madde Ogier

Payton Buchanan-Hancock

I have grown up from a young age with a passion for swimming, and have just stopped swimming in the past few years. In my spare time I enjoy to go outside and enjoy the fresh air by either walking the dog or going for a run. I look forward to sharing my swimming passion with the younger generation.

image of team member Payton Buchanan-Hancock

Poppy Marshall-Kirby

I have been working as a swim teacher for almost 3 years now and I love it! Prior to working here I was apart of Fitzroy surf club and was a trained lifeguard which inspired me to become a swim teacher.

I am in my final year of high school and next year I am looking at going down to Wellington to study a bachelor of fine arts, where I hope to major in either film making or photography.

image of team member Poppy Marshall-Kirby

Rachel Naus

Hi I'm Rachel and I've had many years experience working in swim teaching, kindergartens and early childhood. I am a mother of 6 of my own children so have spent a lot of time bringing up my own family and believe it's very important for all children to learn to swim so think it's great that I can teach lots of others at Fulton Swim School New Plymouth

image of team member Rachel Naus

Sharyn Jury

Hi everyone, I am a mother of 2. I have being a swim instructor since 2014. I enjoy the great outdoors and we are lucky to be able to work outside too. I have being involved with water sports all my life and love it.

I have worked for the past 32yrs as a bridal consultant having met the most amazing people and I am now see those customers coming to swimming lessons with their children. Great to have those connections with the families.

The children are my reason I am a swim instructor.
Swim for life ♥️ Sharyn.
image of team member Sharyn Jury

Tenaya Richardson

Hi my name’s Tenaya, being in the water has always been a big part of my life. Being raised in Hawaii allowed me to be in the ocean swimming and surfing everyday and helped me to realize how amazing it would be to be able to transfer that joy I felt in the water to other children in teaching them to swim.

image of team member Tenaya Richardson