Our People At Patumahoe

Ria Langit

NZSCTA Rookie Swim Coach of the Year 2015

Hi! 😊

I’ve been teaching swimming for more than ten years now from babies through to adults. I used to be a competitive swimmer back in the Philippines for 8 years.

I am a qualified AUSTSWIM Teacher for Swimming and Water Safety, for Infant and Preschool Aquatics, and also an AUSTSWIM Assessor for Swimming and Water Safety. I am the Head Coach for FAST (Fulton Amateur Swim Team) which is our competitive swim team.

I love teaching children to be safe and watching them having fun in the water, is very fulfilling. Outside of work, I love heading outdoors and spending time with my son.

image of team member Ria Langit

Abbey Austin

Hi 😊

I have been working for Fulton for a few years now and I love my job just as much now, as I did when I first started. I find teaching super rewarding when my students are excited about learning and finally achieve a skill or goal that they have been working really hard on.

Growing up, I was always in and around the water and I think swimming is a fundamental skill for anyone living in NZ.

Feel free to come say hi to me or ask me any questions you may have about your child's learning 😊

image of team member Abbey Austin

Brianna Linkhorn

Hi all! My name is Brianna. I grew up going to swim luv every summer right from the age of 5 until I was 17, making it into my clubs senior swim squad. Living in a small island country, such as New Zealand, where water is only ever a few steps away, I understand the importance of educating our children about safety in and around the water. In my spare time I love to dance, draw or paint, and act, having a strong involvement in theatre groups and my dance studio. I am also part of a charity dance crew that performs at fundraisers and retirement villages in the Franklin area. This crew has a wide age range, meaning I get to work with children of all ages, which is something I find super rewarding. Feel free to come over and say hello to me anytime

image of team member Brianna Linkhorn

Caitlyn Carter-Mills

Hi my names Caitlyn, I’m looking forward to joining the the team at Patumahoe. I have been swimming since I was 18 months old and until Waiau Pa, I was part of the schools swim squad. I enjoy spending time with youth and giving back to the community, and I have been a cheerleader for 11 years and have recently been selected in the New Zealand Development East cheerleading team.

image of team member Caitlyn Carter-Mills

Carly Clarke

Hello, my name is Carly. I grew up around the water with boating, scuba diving and a home pool.

In my spare time I love to go camping, kayaking and other outdoor activities with my two young daughters in tow!

I believe that swimming is a vital skill for all New Zealanders to learn so they can be confident and safe in, on and around the water.

Having previous coaching experience in other sports I hope to provide the best tuition I can to your kids in this new endeavour

image of team member Carly Clarke

Charlene Hawley

Hello! I am Charlene. I started working for Fulton Swim School in 2019. It started as a job, but has become so much more than just work. I receive a great sense of fulfillment, joy and accomplishment as I work alongside parents and other teachers in supporting the children to grow. Outside of work, I am studying for my Bachelors in Applied Counseling. I also have many hobbies including Crocheting, baking, writing poetry right through to camping, going on bush walks and going fishing. Though the perfect day summed up for me would be blue skies, open road and me on my motorbike. I am looking forward to be working alongside you parents. Please feel free to come up and say Hi.

image of team member Charlene Hawley

Jess Hawke

Hi my name is Jess and I have been a swim teacher for about a year now. I attended swimming lessons at Fulton Swim School when I was younger, progressing through all the levels and then I went on to swim competitively for the swim club. Swimming has always been a big part of my life. Being a swim teacher is a very rewarding job as you get to teach children how to swim which is a skill they will use for the rest of there life, it is also rewarding seeing children achieve their goals. I am currently at University of Auckland studying Physical Education which is a sport /teaching degree.

image of team member Jess Hawke

Lauren Simons

Hi everyone, my name is Lauren! Water Safety and knowing how to swim is super important to me. I swam with Fulton Swim School for 8 years as a child and have now come back to teach. I love working with children and find it very rewarding. In my spare time I like to stay active by walking and playing hockey. I am so excited to be able to pass my swimming knowledge on to the children in our community.

image of team member Lauren Simons

LC Langit

LC Langit was born and grew up in Manila, Philippines. She started swimming at the age of 9 and, the following year, went on to represent the Philippine Swim Team competing in various local and international competitions where she bagged multiple medals in continental and regional meets.

By the age of 17, she was a member of the Philippine National Triathlon Team participating in International Triathlon Union (ITU) circuits and several 70.3 races in Asia and Europe. In the nine-year period she was a member of the team, she had garnered several continental championships and made her way to the Top 10 in Asia.

Realizing how far sports has brought her fueled her passion even more and encouraged her to give back. In 2012, she started coaching students of all ages from different backgrounds. Her experience ranges from teaching young children to learn how to swim to adults who want a lifestyle change, and also competitive athletes (both swimmers and triathletes). She is genuinely excited to impart her skill, knowledge, and experience to those who share her passion.

image of team member LC Langit

Louise Butcher

I'm a married mum to 2 boys age 3 and 7 and 1 girl aged 8. I moved from

the UK with my husband Guy last year and am loving it here. Outside of

swimming I love to bake and spend time outdoors.

image of team member Louise Butcher

Raewyn Daubney

Hello! :-)

I am very excited to be part of Fulton Swim School team. I enjoy working with children. As a Mum myself I realize how important it is for children to know how to swim and be safe in and around water. I am newly married to my partner Hank and a mother of twin boys who are 24yrs old and have flown the nest.

image of team member Raewyn Daubney

Rebecca Petty

My bio is coming soon!

image of team member Rebecca Petty

Rhys Jones

I grew up at the beach surfing and boogie boarding and love playing around in the water. After studying psychology at Otago University I have traveled through Europe.

Fulton Swim school started with curiosity about working with kids to now being hooked. Building young children's confidence and showing them how fun the water is fantastic.

Working with more advanced swim levels to improve technique and speed has been tremendously rewarding and each time I see improvement in a swimmer it reminds me how much fun this job is.

image of team member Rhys Jones

Tavarnya Howe

Hi everyone, I’m Tavarnya at a young age my parents put me in swimming lessons, from there my love for the sport grew. I’ve swam competitively for Pukekohe swimming club for 9 years and throughout that time I have represented New Zealand 4 times at international youth meets.

I can't wait to pass on my knowledge of swimming to younger children and watch them grow and improve in the water whilst also teaching them the basics of water safety as this is an important skill to have in New Zealand.

image of team member Tavarnya Howe