Upper Hutt Swimmer of the week

Week of Wednesday 14th of November

image of Rose Erika

Rose Erika

Rose Erika has gained swimmer of the week due to her always showing up with a smile and the kindness she shows to her teacher and other students. Rose as an Explorer can now do her big arms for most of the pool without stopping she has gained a lot of confidence since starting lessons. She has wonderful long big kicks on her tummy and can kick on her back all by herself.

Great Work Rose!!!

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Week of Thursday 25th of October

image of Seth Grooby

Seth Grooby

Seth has been improving ten fold in his swimming lately, and because of this he is our swimmer of the week. Seth is a explorer and has really gained confidence over time in his lessons to be able to float on both his front and back with little to no assistance. Seth has started to keep his head still when doing his freestyle which is bringing his big arms up. Seth is a joy to teach and always comes to the pool with a big smile on his face. Awesome job Seth!!

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Week of Monday 15th of October

image of Lucy McLay

Lucy McLay

Lucy McLay is your swimmer of the week for this week. She has just recently moved up to Explorers and is already doing amazing. She is a total pocket rocket when it comes to her freestyle with her arms and legs working together. She is also great at floating both on her tummy and her back. She loves being in the deep water and will go down all the way to the bottom to touch the ground. She is always smiling, laughing and a pleasure to teach. Congrats Lucy!!!

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Week of Thursday 27th of September

image of Molly McStay

Molly McStay

Molly McStay is the swimmer of the week due to her amazing positive attitude every time she shows up to lessons. She is always wanting to hop in the pool as soon as she arrives, and this has only grown with her confidence as she has become more independent with both her floating and her kicking. Her overall skills as an explorer have gotten much stronger growing so she can do most things by herself and her big arms with freestyle are now getting bigger and bigger.

Great Job Molly, you earned it!!!

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Week of Thursday 23rd of August

image of Ajji Singh

Ajji Singh

Ajji shows up to swimming with a smile on his face and is always ready to go. His freestyle and backstroke are great both having come along way since he started in Incredibles. He is starting to click with how to do breaststroke kick and arms and is becoming stronger with these every week. Lastly Ajji has been working super hard at his tumble turns gaining more confidence to get the full rotation and push off with out pauseing. Because of all this Ajji has earned swimmer of the week. Awesome Job!!!

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Week of Saturday 11th of August

image of Olivia Sales

Olivia Sales

Amazing Effort to Olivia who has earned swimmer of the week. Olivia is in Rugrats and has just gained the confidence to start submerging by herself. She does this with a big balloon face and is now a lot happier in the water. Olivia's floating has gotten way better, being able to nearly float both on her tummy and back with out assistance.

Congratulations Olivia!!!

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Week of Friday 27th of July

image of Archie Cosslett

Archie Cosslett

Archie is one of our development squads and has earned swimmer of the week, because he has PB'd every single 50m time trials by at least 5 seconds in each stroke. He has come along way and his confidence in his ability is growing every single time he swims.

Congrats Archie!!!

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Week of Thursday 19th of July

image of Harper Wilton-Weaver

Harper Wilton-Weaver

Harper is our swimmer of week because she has now gotten a consistent kick with her long legs nice and straight. Her confidence on her back has improved immensely and is now floating on her back by herself and kicking with little to no assistance. Harper always comes with a big smile on her face and is ready to go listening and learning really well.

Good Job Harper!!!

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Week of Tuesday 3rd of July

image of Tighe Owen

Tighe Owen

Congrats to Tighe Owen who is our swimmer of the week.

Tighe is always trying to improve with every bit of swimming that he does, and because of this his side kick is really improving with him keeping his body on his side and a nice fast kick. He is also catching on the backstroke being new to the pirates level. He has come a long way in a short time which is great to see.

Awesome job Tighe!

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Week of Friday 22nd of June

image of Amelie Byrne

Amelie Byrne

Great effort for Amelie who has earned swimmer of the week! Amelie has only been in crabs for a month and is already catching on quickly to her side kick which she can do added and starting to be able to do unaided. Her kicking in both her streamline and freestyle is super strong, which is helping with her big arms and the start of learning to breath every three strokes.

Awesome work Amelie!!

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Week of Saturday 16th of June

image of Isabella Mclean

Isabella Mclean

Isabella has earned swimmer of the week due to her always showing up ready and excited for her lessons. This has meant that her breaststroke has been improving significantly and is starting to get the strength in her kick and arms. Isabella can easily do two lengths of both freestyle and backstroke and has started to really get a hold of her turns.

Congratulations Isabella!!

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Week of Saturday 9th of June

image of Archie Oliver

Archie Oliver

Congratulations to Archie who is our swimmer of the week this week!

Archie has been gaining confidence over that last couple of weeks and is now putting his big balloon face in the water every time he is asked. He always comes to swimming with a massive smile on his face and is starting to float and kick with only the boards as assistance. As a rugrat Archie has a really strong kick and is capable not of kicking and having his face in.

Great Job Archie!!!

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Week of Thursday 17th of May

image of Nadia Ryan

Nadia Ryan

Nadia has earnt swimmer of the week ! She's achieved this because she always turns up with a positive attitude and no matter what the class is doing Nadia is always very task-orientated and focused and this has really shown as she's happy to cover further distances and keeps her arms going hard the whole time across freestyle and backstroke especially.

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Mark Ryder-Lewis

Mark Ryder-Lewis

Just wanted to take a moment to give Mark Intensives Swimmer of the Week today !

He has SMASHED these lessons out improving across all 4 strokes and will now be in a brand new LEGENDS class for the new year ! He has paid special attention to his breaststroke and the very difficult butterfly !

We are so proud as some of our team has seen Mark come up all the way from baby lessons and is now right at the top of his game !

Nice work Mark

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Yana Jennings

Yana Jennings

Yana is our swimmer of the week because she puts in 110% every week! We've seen her confidence grow to be sky high since she started lessons and now we've seen a huge improvement in her freestyle as that breathing part has got to be one of the hardest things to learn!

Keep up the good work Yana, you'll be swimming rings around us soon !

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Mr Eddie Quinn

Mr Eddie Quinn

One very special swimmer of the week !
Mr Eddie Quinn!

At 90 years of age Eddie is still swimming 3 mornings a week and you won't believe the dramatic improvement we've seen from him doing gentle walking and exercises to now putting on his goggles and swimming freestyle up and down the pool !

Eddie puts many of his younger peers to shame with his ability in the water and we love cheering him on all the way !

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Dylan Philpott

Dylan Philpott

Dylan has earnt swimmer of the week due to his brilliant attitude and the fact that he never gives up !

He has now begun to kick with long straight legs and this has greatly benefited his freestyle where his arms and legs are beginning to come together nicely.

Dylan is also always eagar to try new things and will always do his best.

Keep up the great attitude and even better swimming Dylan !

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Giovanni Bodley

Giovanni Bodley

Giovanni is awesome to be around , he is always making the class fun with his great dance moves in the pool but when it's time to swim he now has a strong sidekick and always remembers to breathe on both sides doing freestyle so now he's not stopping or sinking which makes for one happy swim teacher!

Keep up the great work !

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Anna Irving

Anna Irving

Anna is in Stingers level and since the beginning of the year has made some huge strides in her swimming as she is now always keen for feedback on how to improve, her stamina has improved by miles and her kicking on her back has improved so much its unbelievable !

She is a eager young swimmer and just to top it off she always brightens her teacher Brooke's day too !

Keep up the good swimming Anna!

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Makayla Hughes

Makayla Hughes

The smile says it all ! She's super proud and so are we !

Makayla is only new to swimming at Fulton's but she is smashing out her Pirates lessons!

Her perfect combination of effort and willingness learn has resulted in some massive improvements.
Notably her roll outs during her breathing in freestyle have improved greatly making it a lot easier to swim further and make the whole length.

Keep up the awesome swimming Makayla!

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Liam Sell

Liam Sell

Liam is new to explorers but is already smashing it !

His confidence has increased rapidly doing the new skills required like floating on his own and freestyle arms and legs but the best thing for Liam is his kicking which has become really strong with beautiful straight legs making it a lot easier for him to speed through the water! This paired with awesome listening ears makes for a winning combination !

Keep up the good swimming Liam !

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Maya Mclay

Maya Mclay

Maya has only been swimming with us since this term but we are blown away with her brilliant positive attitude during lessons and it's really shown in her swimming ability !

Her overall swim fitness has grown and is always asking to do more swimming in class ! We just can't stop her moving and backstroke is no different now that she has improved so much her arms are just about working continuously getting closer and closer to ticking off another of her Transformers goals !

Keep up the good work Maya !

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Leon Robinson

Leon Robinson

Leon has been working super hard this year on his swimming and it's really showing - not only he is making good progress with his kicking and freestyle but now he can now float just about all by himself.

But the thing that sets Leon apart and earnt him swimmer of the week is that he is always asking for tips on what will help him to be able to do it all by himself with no help from Brooke at all.
And that his confidence has grown astronomically from when he first started - so now he is always volunteering to go first regardless of what the exercise is he just wants to keep going !

Brilliant effort and brilliant attitude !

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Rhona Weatherston

Rhona Weatherston

Rhona earned swimmer of the week this week because she always gives her all. She has a fantastic balloon face and her confidence in the water is awesome. She is always willing to give anything a go and this has shown with how much she is improving across all areas of her swimming.

Congratulations Rhona!!

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