Puni Swimmer of the week

Week of Friday 22nd of June

image of Courtney Wheeler

Courtney Wheeler

Courtney is our swimmer of the week for this week because she attends her swimming lesson each week and is trying her hardest to achieve what is needed. She will listen to instructions thoroughly and will be focused on what she has to do. She is now able to swim 15 meters of her freestyle without standing, and will do so with perfect arms and bubbles. She has been an absolute pleasure to teach and is heading in the right direction to become a great little swimmer !

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Week of Thursday 17th of May

image of Theo Pugh

Theo Pugh

Theo has been very determined to float on his back without any help from his teacher. He has been working on his kicking and he has also improved in his streamlined kick. To top it all off he always brings his happy smiley self to swimming every week.

Keep up the good swimming Theo !

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Sasan Golchin

Sasan Golchin

Sasan has got much stronger in his breathing position and he has made a huge improvement with his kicking technique (on his front and back) He also has been remembering to take a breath when rolling to his side.

Keep up the good work Sasan!

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Moega


Our swimmer of the week this week has nailed her streamline glide in a matter of lessons! She is on her way to developing a nice strong kick and is now keeping her chin down every time she does her swimming. Moega is keeping her big arms nice and straight and we have even introduced her pillow into swimming!

Keep up the good work Moega!

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