Puni Swimmer of the week

Week of Monday 16th of September

image of Harriet Oliver

Harriet Oliver

We've been working very hard to get Harriet to keep her legs a bit more straight and closer together while doing fast little tappy toe kicks. Shes also been working really hard with her teacher on being more confident in the water. With this improving so much she is now doing her gliding and streamline kicking on her own. Harriet has been trying so hard to do her big circle arms, keeping them nice and straight. Awesome work keep it up!!

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Week of Monday 2nd of September

image of Pippa Muir

Pippa Muir

Pippa Muir has been working so hard on her fitness lately, trying really hard to keep her feet off the bottom.. Over the last couple of weeks we have seen so much improvement with that and doing most lengths with no feet down! Shes also been working super hard on her tumble turns, to stay straight and do them without me which is now happening, yay! Pippa has become so much more confident with her swimming and looking alot stronger. Well done Pippa we are so proud of you!!

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Week of Monday 19th of August

image of Lincoln Wheeler

Lincoln Wheeler

Lincoln has been working SO hard on keeping his ear on his pillow when rolling out to breathe while he is doing his freestyle lengths, making it a lot easier for him to hold his breath while going into his tumble turns which have also come a long way ! He is keeping nice and straight while tumbling and to top it off his breaststroke is looking SUPER ! Making sure to be gliding for 3 seconds after every pull. Not only does he try his hardest while swimming but he puts a smile on every ones faces every week without fail ! We are super proud of you Lincoln ! Keep it up

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Week of Monday 24th of June

image of Parisse Speedy

Parisse Speedy

Parisse is slowly turning into a great little fish in the water ! She has been trying so super hard to do her fast kicking for her swimming meaning now she has a good strong fast kick. This has also helped her heaps when on her back. She has been keeping her tummy up when kicking on her back and with all the improvement has meant she can kick beautifully on her back now ! She has also progressed well with her big arms. Not only has she progressed with her swimming but she comes to swimming and always tries her absolute hardest !

Keep up the amazing work Parisse !

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Week of Monday 10th of June

image of Hope Hudson

Hope Hudson

Hope has come SO far in her swimming over the last couple of weeks and itโ€™s amazed not only her teacher, her mother but the whole swimming pool! Her teacher started wondering how to get Hope to put her eyes in the water after a couple weeks of trying to do so, then Hope took it upon herself... took a big deep breathe and put her eyes in! The whole pool went quite and Mum and her teacher shed some very proud tears. Hope's not only worked on getting her eyes in but also has a super kick going on now and gained so much confidence in doing her big arms while being supported. Hope's also been doing some super jumps into the deep end!!

Awesome work Hope, absolutely love seeing you take these big steps! Keep it up sunshine!

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Week of Monday 27th of May

image of Bevan Addenbrooke

Bevan Addenbrooke

Bevan was awarded our swimmer of the week as he has come so far in his swimming over the last few lessons ! He has been hopping into the pool happily to begin his lesson and he has now mastered his arms and kicking, with awesome tall quiet arms and super fast kicks! He has worked so hard on getting a strong kick to which has paid off as he can make it all the way with his side kicking. And even though he used to struggle on his back he never gave up trying, and he now has gained the strength to kick on his back with no teacher assistance !!

Keep it up Bevan !!

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Week of Monday 13th of May

image of Aayush Vallabh

Aayush Vallabh

Aayush has been awarded with our swimmer of the week as he has been working hard on achieving all goals in his Crabs class. He is pushing his tummy up on his back kick making him so much stronger on his back kick. He has also gotten so much stronger in his breathing position. Because he has gained the strength on his side, he is now starting to take a breath in his freestyle by himself without the teachers help !

Congratulations Aayush ! Amazing job ! :)

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Week of Monday 6th of May

image of James Turner

James Turner

James is our swimmer of the week as he has absolutely flown by in swimming and has done such an awesome job ! He has pushed himself so hard and that has shown massively. He has started learning freestyle and has picked this up very fast! He is now able to swim the whole distance without standing to breathe and knows to try roll over after 3 arms. Once he has got something he asks to try again to make sure he can try to do it even better the next time. He is such a pleasure to teach and we look forward to see where his swimming will get him !

Well done James !

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Week of Monday 29th of April

image of Jordan Wharerau

Jordan Wharerau

Jordan was chosen as our swimmer of the week as she has been working hard on her freestyle swim. She is a great little swimmer and pushes herself to get all the way without standing. She has been focusing on getting her side kicks as strong as possible so that it is easy for her to take a good breathe while doing her freestyle. She has also been working on a good strong kick on her back, which she has mastered ! Jordan brings so much joy when she enters the pool for swimming and always puts a smile on all of our faces every week!

Well done Jordan !!

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Week of Monday 15th of April

image of Emma Matthews

Emma Matthews

Emma was our swimmer of the week as she has become such a strong little swimmer and is easily capable of swimming her freestyle strokes. She has worked hard on mastering her side kicking and getting this strong enough to help her when it comes to her breathing. She can now do her 3 arm pulls and breathing on her side while maintaining a good strong kick. She is also flying through the water when she does her kicking on her back !

Well done Emma !!

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Week of Monday 25th of February

image of Audrey Stonehouse

Audrey Stonehouse

Audrey has such a great attitude towards swimming and has arrived to every lesson excited for the lesson to come. She has such a will to learn and will try her best at everything. Even if it is too hard, she takes on instruction and will focus as hard as she can. Once she has got something she will continue to progress from there. We are working towards her freestyle without her standing to breathe, and we are so close to doing so every time consistently !!

You are such a pleasure to teach Audrey - keep it up !!

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Week of Tuesday 18th of December

image of Jacob Holmes

Jacob Holmes

Jacob is in our Incredible's level and has increased his fitness in swimming for his freestyle and backstroke, meaning he is now swimming a numerous amount of lengths. He has been working very hard each lesson on achieving his breaststroke kick technique in order for the whole stroke to be very nice and strong. Jacob has also been practicing his tumble turns, and these are getting better each week with him standing up less after he turns.

Amazing effort Jacob! Keep up the great effort!

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Week of Monday 17th of December

image of Anisha Chandra

Anisha Chandra

Our swimmer of the week is Anisha as she has such a love for the water and comes to each lesson with a big smile on her face ready to go. Her kick has improved immensely from when she first started and now has a great strong kick ! Her coordination with her arms and kicking is coming together very well, and is close to learning how to roll over on her side to breathe. No matter what it is, she tries her very best with everything and will keep practicing until she gets it.

You're a pleasure to teacher Anisha and are improving every lesson. Well done !

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Week of Monday 10th of December

image of Addison Lord

Addison Lord

Addison has recently moved up into our Incredibles level and is now able to swim 4 lengths of freestyle and backstroke without stopping. She has really improved her freestyle tumble turns and is now working on her backstroke turns, with counting her arms from the flags and pushing off on her back into streamline. She has also been working hard on her breaststroke kick which she has now improved on meaning she is now moving on to work on her timing for her breaststroke swim !
You're turning into a great little swimmer Addison, keep it up !

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Week of Monday 26th of November

image of Oscar Hewitt

Oscar Hewitt

Our swimmer of the week this week is Oscar as he has been doing such good swimming after he was off for a while with a broken bone ! He came back to swimming and was working towards his big arms which he has now mastered very nicely. He started off with not too strong of a kick on his back, but after practise was doing it with ease - which helped him achieve his rotations also ! After a lot of hard work he was able to have all his goals ticked off so was able to graduate his Crabs class !

Amazing effort Oscar. Keep it up !

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Week of Monday 19th of November

image of Luke Soppet

Luke Soppet

Our swimmer of the week Luke has been making such big improvements with his swimming over the last few weeks, especially when it comes to his kicking on his front and his back. He is now using nice big arms to work towards his freestyle. As his arms have improved he is now focusing on rolling over to breathe and he has been trying very hard to do so !

Awesome efforts Luke. Keep it up !

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Week of Sunday 11th of November

image of Liam Bleakley

Liam Bleakley

Our swimmer of the week is Liam as he has started to do swimming flips working towards his tumble turns. He has made huge progress on his breaststroke kick in the past few weeks also. He is now also able to swim 2 lengths consistently without stopping in freestyle and backstroke !
Great swimming Liam ! Keep it up

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Week of Monday 5th of November

image of Annabelle Stevens

Annabelle Stevens

Our swimmer of the week is Annabelle as she has made huge progress in her swimming and her confidence in herself. Our main goal was working on her streamline kick on her back, and making it the whole length without standing. She is now doing this without any problems. Because her confidence on her back has improved she has also mastered her backstroke with this being nice and strong. She comes each week to swimming and tries her hardest with everything and it is all showing in her improvement with swimming.

Great work Annabelle ! Keep it up !

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Week of Monday 27th of August

image of Brierley Te Rangi

Brierley Te Rangi

Brierley has recently started rolling onto her side keeping her shoulder up while doing her freestyle strokes. She has also started to do her streamline kick the whole length without standing up. Her backstroke has improved so much. She is also remembering to turn her hands and is able to do the entire length of backstroke without stopping !

Keep up the great work Brierley !

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Week of Monday 13th of August

image of Jake Bleakley

Jake Bleakley

Our swimmer of the week this week goes to Jake because he has come a very long way since he has started swimming with us ! He now has a very strong kick and is able to do this with amazing rocket arms all by himself. He is now able and confident in doing his arm rotations with his kicking and can make it all the way to the flags. We have also been working on his starfish on his back which he is starting to master very well ! And not only has his swimming and confidence come along way, he also comes to lessons every week with the biggest smile on his face and is always willing to give everything a go !

Keep up the great work Jake, you are doing so well ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Week of Thursday 2nd of August

image of Isla Williams

Isla Williams

Isla has been trying very hard to keep her legs long and straight when kicking with her tappy toes, as you can see in the video! She has also been working on keeping her arms straight when doing her big arms and kicks and doing as many arm circles before she stands up to have a breath. She has now gotten a lot stronger and faster at getting back safely to the wall after jumping into the pool.

You are doing such a great job Isla, keep it up !

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Week of Thursday 28th of June

image of Joseph Hughes

Joseph Hughes

Our swimmer of the week this week goes to our amazing swimmer Joseph because he has now begun kicking on his back with no assistance from his teacher and is able to do this consistently. Due to him being able to kick so well on his back, it means he is now confident and able to accomplish his rotations. Not only is he consistent with attending his lessons but he comes to swimming every single week with a big smile on his face and participates to his fullest no matter what activity they are doing.

Well Done Joe !!

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Week of Friday 22nd of June

image of Courtney Wheeler

Courtney Wheeler

Courtney is our swimmer of the week for this week because she attends her swimming lesson each week and is trying her hardest to achieve what is needed. She will listen to instructions thoroughly and will be focused on what she has to do. She is now able to swim 15 meters of her freestyle without standing, and will do so with perfect arms and bubbles. She has been an absolute pleasure to teach and is heading in the right direction to become a great little swimmer !

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Week of Thursday 17th of May

image of Theo Pugh

Theo Pugh

Theo has been very determined to float on his back without any help from his teacher. He has been working on his kicking and he has also improved in his streamlined kick. To top it all off he always brings his happy smiley self to swimming every week.

Keep up the good swimming Theo !

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Sasan Golchin

Sasan Golchin

Sasan has got much stronger in his breathing position and he has made a huge improvement with his kicking technique (on his front and back) He also has been remembering to take a breath when rolling to his side.

Keep up the good work Sasan!

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Week of Wednesday 9th of May

image of Moega


Our swimmer of the week this week has nailed her streamline glide in a matter of lessons! She is on her way to developing a nice strong kick and is now keeping her chin down every time she does her swimming. Moega is keeping her big arms nice and straight and we have even introduced her pillow into swimming!

Keep up the good work Moega!

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