New Plymouth Swimmer of the week

Week of Monday 7th of September

image of Luke Revell

Luke Revell

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Week of Monday 24th of August

image of Aaliyah Craig

Aaliyah Craig

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Week of Monday 17th of August

image of Bentley Murray

Bentley Murray

Bentley is the epitome of super baby !

He may only be bordering on 2 years old but this young fish is so relaxed during his back floats, kicks by himself on the noodle and is more than happy to submerge !

He also always remembers to get in the pool safely to make sure he can stand on his feet before letting go of the edge - this alone is something so simple yet so important to instill in our toddlers even the super confident like Bentley !

Keep up the great work you fish !

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Week of Monday 20th of July

image of Nevaeh Hooper

Nevaeh Hooper

A MASSIVE well done to Nevaeh this week as his 100% hard work and effort pays off.

We've seen huge improvements in his breaststroke coordination due to a mountain of perserverance as he's taken the time to slow down and really work at it.

His tumble and touch turns have also improved hence increasing the speed of each lap dramatically not having to stop as often.

These 2 things can be hard for adults to grasp so it's awesome he's got it down by his 9th birthday !

Keep up the good work Nevaeh !

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Week of Monday 13th of July

image of Zoe Moses

Zoe Moses

Zoe is an absolute champ squad swimmer, she may only be 8 but shes in our top level and often races kids double her age !

She puts 110% effort into her hour-long training sessions and we've seen a huge improvement across both freestyle and butterfly - something alot of adults can't do !

Watch out her her at the beach this summer as she'll be speeding on past everyone at the rate shes going.

Keep up the awesome determination and effort Zoe, it's amazing to see from someone so young !

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Week of Monday 6th of July

image of Pania Hura

Pania Hura

Pania has been working incredibly hard in Tahlia's class. Pania has great backstroke and glides through the water incredibly smoothly with her freestyle.

She has mastered her tumble turns and her breaststroke kick is fantastic.
Pania started off very shy but has come such a long way we are all very proud of how hard she has worked

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Week of Monday 15th of June

image of Reeve Robinson

Reeve Robinson

The hardest worker in the pool today goes to Reeve Robinson !

Reeve has made HUGE improvements in his swimming across the board due to his dedication, persistance and finding the key of remembering to always kick no matter what.
From doing this we've watched his freestyle and kick on his back both strenthen and improve.

Its awesome to see Reeve really push himself to always roll to breathe and never give up even if it doesn't work. Try and try again has been proven and its all clicking into place to make for some gorgeous swimming !

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Week of Monday 16th of March

image of Freya O\\\'neill

Freya O\'neill

Freya has worked incredibly hard since she started with us!

From getting comfortable swimming under the water to awesome big arm circles which have come such a long way along with her amazing kicking

She charges head first into all the new and challenging swimming she does and has gotten into an super beautiful and flat body position in the water and is much more comfortable being flat now.
We cant wait to see where Freya heads next with her swimming!

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Week of Monday 24th of February

image of Tatum Rangi

Tatum Rangi

Tatum is all about that fantastic attitude!

This boy has excelled in his swimming due to his great listening and willingness to give everything a go even if he doesn't quite get it yet he will try and try and try which is just what we want to see!

Tatums teacher says he improves a little bit each and every week but what really stands out is his great body position in the water and how he likes to challenge himself to sometimes sidekick without a board just to see if he can !

Keep up the great work Tatum ! You're going to be a great swimmer !

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Week of Monday 17th of February

image of Harper Craig

Harper Craig

110% effort !

Harper stood out this week due to his red face and determination in every aspect of his swimming.

He is in Supers which is notorisly hard level wth having to now learn butterfly and be a master at everything else but Harper took it all in his stride and absolutely blasted up and down the pool today !

What we enjoyed most was his breaststroke which he has now mastered! It is so graceful to watch and he can now even do it at speed.

No matter how tired he gets this kid just keeps going and its amazing to watch.

Keep up the great work Harper !

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Week of Monday 10th of February

image of Linka Russell

Linka Russell

Linka has been doing some A-MAZING swimming with Tenaya recently and has definately earnt her treat.

Linka is in explorers which means she has to work super hard on the foundations of learning to swim. Floating, kicking and beginning to swim freestlye.
We love how hard she works up and down the pool each week with both her arms and legs , learning to keep them straight and lay flat on the water with a beautiful head and body position. Linka is starting to look like a real little swimmer and we can't wait to see just how good she gets !

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Week of Monday 3rd of February

image of Brodie Tanner

Brodie Tanner

Brodie started in privates with us to start as he'd had a bit of trouble getting in the pool but you wouldn't know that now looking at how well he is swimming !

We have been SO impressed with Brodies progress , the confidence he gains every week is insane , and this kid now gets out of the pool eevery week saturated with a huge smile on his face after giving 110% in his kicking, floating and balloon face !

Brodie has worked so hard to get where he is in such a short space of time so was definately due a bit of reognition !

Well done Brodie !

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Week of Tuesday 26th of November

image of Ollie Souness

Ollie Souness

Ollie has been swimming with Wyatt for a while in Crabs and has made great improvements. Wyatt is very impressed with his body position in streamline and kicking on his back.

Wyatt is always impressed by Ollie's great listening when he is waiting at the end of each length. He is always ready to go.

Ollie comes in every week ready and excited to go, always willing to try his best with any task that Wyatt gives him.

We can not wait to see how far you go Ollie !

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Week of Monday 21st of October

image of Dash Limon

Dash Limon

Dash has come along a huge journey with Joy on Saturday afternoons and has done incredibly well.

Dash moves through the water in his streamline glide like a rocket and when he starts to kick he has both feet powering along and now Dash has been working very hard the last few weeks with his big arms and now has both of them going right above his head.

Joy loves having Dash each week and can not wait to see how far Dash will go so well done Dash on all the progress you've made in the water and on land !

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Week of Wednesday 31st of July

image of Melah Williams

Melah Williams

Bill has been SO IMPRESSED with Melah recently because despite being only 5 she works so hard in her Stingers class with much older kids around her and after today's lesson has now moved up to Pirates !

Her main goal for the last wee while was to be able to do 4 breaths in a row for freestyle with no stopping ! This means she has to kick, do her arms, blow her bubbles AND time everything correctly for the whole length of the pool. We are so proud of her determination to achieve this last goal and move on up that she got Swimmer of the week !

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Week of Wednesday 17th of July

image of Hadley Monk

Hadley Monk

Well done to Hadley this week !

He has earnt swimmer of the week by becoming a master at breathing position without a board now with really strong fast kicks - something that so many kids struggle with -

The same fast kicks that help him across every stroke and are helping vastly on improving his streamline on his back and backstroke now that he's in pirates !

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Week of Thursday 20th of June

image of Joshua Gillum

Joshua Gillum

Joshy has done it ! Swimmer of the Week !

This happy, energetic, smiling kid is a far cry from how he used to be around water. He has come so far in lessons and is now so confident it's like a different kid has taken over.

However Joshua has earnt swimmer of the week by working so hard on his kick and he can now do a the full stretch of the small pool without stopping. He's also no longer needing aids to get around and can streamline kick all by himself like the big kids do !

Keep working hard Joshua ! Will be catching your big brothers in no time !

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Week of Friday 31st of May

image of Summer Toon

Summer Toon

Hard work has got this girl a long way !

Now that she is able to submerge for longer periods of time she can do so much more in the water. Her streamline glide and kick has improved 10 fold and she’s even found a new found confidence for floating as a team with the rest of her class as they love challenging themselves to see if they can all do it together without anyone falling down !

Keep up the hard work Summer !

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Week of Friday 3rd of May

image of Hayley Manning

Hayley Manning

This wee swimmer has come such a long way in her swimming and her teacher Joy is thrilled with her progress!

Hayley is now getting her head right down into position during her gliding making for a nice smooth ride through the water with a beautiful long body.

She has also started to develop a good strong kick in the pool making her swimming so much easier using the power in her legs !

Keep up the good work Miss Hayley ! You are becoming a wonderful swimmer !

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Week of Monday 29th of April

image of Bruno Whatt

Bruno Whatt

Confidence confidence confidence !
Has been absolute key for Bruno. His teacher has loved watching him grow and develop into a great little swimmer as his co-ordination with his arms and legs has improved greatly as well as his floating/kicking on his back.

And the best part of growing confidence is now he's much more involved in games with other kids and having a whole heap of fun!

Keep working hard at it Bruno ! You're doing awesome !

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Week of Thursday 18th of April

image of Joseph Eling

Joseph Eling

This young man may only be 5 years old but in his stingers class he is the champion with his beautiful arm strokes in freestyle , improvement with his breathing position and even more improvement on his back.

He is now got a brilliant focus during lessons and great listening ears, taking everything on board and working really hard to improve each week.

Keep up the great work Joseph and you'll be flying up and down the pool in no time !

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Week of Wednesday 3rd of April

image of Sophie Braddock

Sophie Braddock

This little swimmer Sophie has been working so hard and improving just little by little each week.

Whether it be something little like remembering to blow bubbles, relaxing while she floats or something big like learning freestyle has been really focusing and the results are starting to show.

Keep up the good work and beautiful smiling face each week Sophie ! Can't wait to watch you get better and better!

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Week of Wednesday 20th of March

image of Harrison Fieldes

Harrison Fieldes

Massive well done this week !

Harrison is in Rugrats and has gone from being very scared and timid in the water to loving it and doing so well!

But today Harrison and his teacher Ethan went swimming looking around for lots of

fish in the pool and for the first time Harrison got lovely and saturated and so did his teacher funnily enough and to top it off Harrison got his chin, mouth, nose and then even his goggles under the water today !

We've loved watching your progress and long may it continue !

Well done Harrison !

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Week of Tuesday 5th of March

image of Madison Heslop

Madison Heslop

Madison has been working away so hard during her lessons so her teacher thought she definitely had earnt swimmer of the week - mainly because of her beautiful long legs when shes kicking, awesome freestyle and never forgets to breathe to both sides. And finally her overall co- ordination in the water has made her into a great Transformer !

Swimmer of the week also requires that little something special to achieve and for Madison it's that she has started attempting tumbles turns which she loves ! So great to see our swimmers wanting to push themselves to do more than what's asked !

Keep up the great work and great attitude Madison !

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Week of Monday 25th of February

image of Arian Butturini

Arian Butturini

Arian has earnt swimmer of the week by achieving a lovely style and co ordination with his freestyle arms and legs and not only this but he has improved 10 fold with his breathing and side-kicking during freestyle which is no doubt one of the hardest parts of learning to swim!

As well as being an awesome swimmer he is also confident, well mannered , determined and focused in class and his teacher loves watching his progress every week !

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Week of Monday 18th of February

image of Ava Summerell

Ava Summerell

Positive, confident and always willing to give new things a try are 3 things that describe little miss Ava !

Her teacher is so proud of how she has progressed especially on her back floating and is now confident to do it all by herself.

She exceeds expectations in the pool on a regular basis and is always wanting to work really hard to improve and it's showing !

Keep up the good work Ava !

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Week of Tuesday 5th of February

image of Aria Ngaia

Aria Ngaia

Aria has been putting her heart and soul into her swimming and the improvements are really starting to show !

She has worked on her kicking and big arm circles and now her arms aren't getting too tired during lessons ! Gotta work on growing those muscles to build strong swimmers after all!

On top of this she is such a keen learner and always has a smile on her dial making her a delight to have in class.

Keep up the great work Aria !

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Week of Wednesday 12th of December

image of Eshea Colgan

Eshea Colgan

Eshea has worked his butt off this term and there was no doubt in our minds he deserved swimmer of the week !

He's improved his core strength ten fold leading to some brilliant freestyle and backstroke and what set him apart from his peers is that he recognized his tumbles weren't the best so hes worked and worked and worked and is now beginning to get them right. Awesome determination!

He's always asking what he needs to do to improve, listens well to feedback and is willing to give everything a go . Eshea is an absolute pleasure to have in class as such a focused, onto it kid and he's smashing out his personal goals bit by bit !

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Week of Saturday 8th of December

image of Ayden Veale

Ayden Veale

Great work to Ayden this week !

Ayden is in Transformers which means he now has to work alot on his freestyle and backstroke and these past few weeks hes powered through showing his teacher that he's really concentrating on his arms during freestyle working away on keeping them moving continuously.

Due to this and his brilliant kicking of course he can now swim 20 m plus without needing to stop with beautiful arms the entire way !

Keep up the good work Ayden - You've made so much progress!

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Week of Thursday 29th of November

image of Louie Barron

Louie Barron

This little shark bait has comes in leaps and bounds since he begun with his swimming lessons in Wiggles!

Louie has now moved up to sprats and comes swimming every week religiously with his dedicated Nana hopping in with him !

They make the best team as Louie has come from being quite shy and nervous to kicking and paddling his way through the water like a champ and now loves diving off the mat!

We see improvement in this little one every week but some weeks he just amazes us with what he's been practicing in the bath at home with Mum , Dad and Nana of course! These little daily rituals have really helped his swimming and now it's got him the swimmer of the week !

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Week of Tuesday 30th of October

image of Rio Butler

Rio Butler

Rio amazed her teacher Tenaya this week !

Not only does Rio have a get in and go attitude every week but this week she was on form and was a shining example in class. Her strength is in her kick, that's where all her power comes from and from that base everything else is coming into shape really nicely for Rio across her freestyle and work on her back.

Even up to the point where she was helping others in the class showing great leadership and initiative !

Keep up the great work - from the sounds of it you'd make an awesome teacher some day Rio !

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Week of Friday 28th of September

image of Amber Horton

Amber Horton

Our final swimmer of the week for Term 3 is Amber and we couldn't be more proud of her as since she started with Jasmin her floating is strong with her tummy up and chin pointing to the sky just the way we like it !

As well as this her freestyle is improving every week and she now has beautiful straight arms and her legs are now kicking all the time with beautiful pointy toes!

Keep up the good work and you'll be climbing up the swimming levels in no time !

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Week of Friday 14th of September

image of Madeline Oconnor

Madeline Oconnor

Madeline has a brilliant time at swimming and it's really showing in her progress- great listening ears and trying your best each and every week pays off because now she can do her breathing position brilliantly without any help from her teacher nor a board and is excelling in her freestyle because of it .

Nice work Madeline ! Keep up the awesome swimming !

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Week of Wednesday 5th of September

image of Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor

Jessica has worked so hard this term we thought it was about time for a treat !

She always turns up with a positive attitude towards swimming and the other swimmers in her class . She's always ready to listen and her teacher can see her really thinking and focusing during each length of the pool.

And this really shows as Jessica has been working hard on her freestyle and can now swim full lengths without needing to stop . She has also mastered her kick on her back for backstroke an is now working on keeping her arms straight.

Keep up the good work - next stop Olympics ?!? Who knows !

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Week of Thursday 30th of August

image of Brody Hutchings

Brody Hutchings

Yay for Brody this week !

Brody has worked his way towards swimmer of the week firstly by turning his ears on and listening well to his teacher Ella and from this he has now got the hang of his freestyle , bubbles and all !

He also managed a special challenge and pushed himself to see just how far he could go on his back - he did 8 lengths ! That's 80m ! That's brilliant Brody!

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Week of Monday 13th of August

image of Matilda Barron

Matilda Barron

Matilda is always smiling and happy in class. She has learnt to float unsupported and kick with long legs now which has made her swimming exceptional

She is working hard on her breath control and diving down to pick up treasures now with the rest of her sprats class

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Week of Friday 3rd of August

image of Sarah Venables

Sarah Venables

Even our littlest swimmers can be wee champs !

And Sarah is leading the way with the huge steps forward she's made in her swimming !

She can now float on her back like a beautiful starfish all by herself, has mastered her kicking on her front and her big circle arms are improving every single week !

Keep up the great swimming Sarah - Your teacher Aimee loves lessons with you !

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Week of Thursday 26th of July

image of Liam Turner

Liam Turner

Liam has cracked it and managed to score the first swimmer of the week for Term 3 !

He's manged to do this because not only this week but every week he tries his absolute best in classes with Madde. He pays careful attention to the tips she gives him on how to improve and its showing across both his freestyle and backstroke technique.

On top of all this he has a brilliant attitude not only swimming but the other kids in the class too and is a great role model !

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Week of Monday 18th of June

image of Seoirse Keegan

Seoirse Keegan

Seoirse has been working brilliantly with Rachel working towards her goals !

She started out learning the basic streamline glide and kicking and now has gone from starting in through crabs, stingers and is now working her way through Pirates!

We are so proud of her progress and thought she should know that too !

Well done Seoirse ! Keep up the great swimming !

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