"8 years ago we joined Fulton Swim School. Parents from my sons Kindergarten were saying great things about them so we decided to check them out!

There are many reasons that Fulton Swim School have made swimming lessons a great experience for my kids, such as the consistency of the staff, the small group sizes which enables children to have that one to one support they need. Each staff member takes the time to get to know you and your family. Fulton’s programme is comprehensive and it covers a variety of skills to suit each of our children. 

All three of our children have attended Fulton Swim School and I would definitely recommend them to other families. My children love the classes – they’re challenging AND fun. The team at Fulton will listen to you and assess your child’s ability. They will match the swimming level that will be best suited for him /her."

The team are fantastic …they will give your children the skills that they need to become confident and capable swimmers.

Emma Clooney

"The coaches have an incredible way with kids that inspires a drive for continual improvement but creates an environment of great teamwork and fun. All this has translated into a bunch of kids who are achieving very high standards"

Philip and Julie Elliott

"My two children have loved their time with Fulton and have gained so much confidence in the water. The teachers have been fantastic with a special mention to Evan who managed to convince my water-phobic daughter into the pool and taught her to swim. Thanks! 

Natasha Luck 

'Our daughter Alyssa is 8 months old now and has been going to Fulton Swim School once a week at Puni for the last two months. 

Being a first time mum it was very scary the thought of taking my baby swimming and putting her under the water however I am aware of how important water confidence is and to install that in such a young age is easier that leaving it to when they are older and fearful. 

I wanted to share with everyone how impressed I have been with Fulton Swim Schools service and instructors. Alyssa took a liking to her instructor Roland straight away and lover her swimming lessons.

I have already noticed in these two months how Alyssa has learnt to do a bubble face and prepare herself for submerging into the water and how she is able to kick and paddle herself. 

Not only have I notice the improvement in Alyssa's water skills and confidence already at such a young age I also see how much she enjoys the social aspect with interacting with the other babies. Also another bonus I have noticed is she has such great naps after swimming!!'

Angela Hook
Baby on the Move Pukekohe 

' My daughter has only been enrolled for two weeks, she attended her first lessons, a bit apprehensive, and she left it elated. She completely enjoyed her lesson, teacher and whole experience, and was excited about attending her second lesson. She finished her second lesson yesterday beaming with achievement. Unfortunately she had a bit of a mishap when exiting the pool, resulting in a few tears and a grazed knee. Your staff really made the effort to make her feel better and she really did.

Well Done! Loving our new Swim School. You guys rock!

Helen Green