Fulton Amateur Swim Team

Welcome to the Fulton Amateur Swim Team (FAST).

Upon reaching the Squad Level, Coaches Roland and Ria, hand pick kids among all the talented swimmers who can join the Swim Club.

FAST is the competitive arm of The Fulton Swim School Swim team and is based in Patumahoe. FAST currently caters for swimmers of 8 years of age and above.

As FAST swimmer, children experience a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that comes with being part of an ambitious Swim Club. Training is more concentrated with FAST children swimming 3 nights a week during the term and everyday in the school holidays. Dedication and discipline is an expectation with kids learning how to reach personal goals, work together, help each other, and be responsible and smart athletes.

Our internationally experienced coaches follow Swimming New Zealand’s guidelines. The FAST training philosophy is focused on the long-term development of our athletes. FAST provides exceptional training programmes with emphasis on technique and developing well rounded swimmers through a motivating and inspiring environment.

We also have our own nutritionist to help the swimmers and the coaches maximise everyones potential through a proper diet, and eating correctly for competition.

The ultimate aim of FAST is to compete successfully on a regional and national level.In that respect we have an excellent track record, punching well above our weight in all swimming disciplines. Please scroll down to view our Results.

The club has a unique character. While welcoming and family friendly, it is also highly successful in the national swimming arena.

The ultimate aim of FAST is to compete successfully on a regional and national level.

Being part of the swim club is hard work but making it FUN is always a top priority.

Are you a competent swimmer and keen to swim competitively?
Are you interested in joining FAST or want further information?

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Recent results

Auckland Regional Finals - Fulton Amateur Swim Team

Yet another fabulous weekend for FAST where we were competing against the top clubs from Auckland, Counties and the North.

FAST came 7th overall with 710 points, an incredible performance. Our swimmers picked up 15 individual medals and 4 relay medals, swimming for Counties. - Well done everyone.

Thank you so much Ria and Niki. This was the last big meet of the season and we’ve finished on a high thanks to their wonderful coaching and dedication to the team.