• What happens when a teachers schedule changes during the course of that year but I can’t change my day and time?

    At FSS all of our teachers go through an extensive hiring process and training period and are Swimming NZ qualified. They are all fantastic at teaching children how to swim and be safe in the water. If you have specific requests regarding your teachers and classes we will try to meet those needs. However, we cannot control events that may occur in our teacher’s lives that may require them to change their schedules occasionally.

  • Can you guarantee my request for my favourite teacher?

    We understand that sometimes students and their parents have requests for their favourite teachers. We will always try to accommodate your requests but unfortunately due to the nature of the swim school we cannot guarantee anything and we reserve the right to change teachers if necessary.

  • What if my class has only one or two students in it?

    If a group class is not full we reserve the right to change and consolidate classes in the timetable.

  • How does the move-up process work?

    Our teachers continually assess their student’s ability. Once a child has achieved a goal in 3 consecutive lessons, they will be marked off as having achieved that goal.
    Once all goals have been achieved the child will be able to move up.

  • Why do you automatically Roll My booking over?

    Our booking system runs on a Perpetual basis. This means that your booking on the system does not have an end date.  If you do not wish to continue your booking please notify us in writing that you which to cease your booking

  • How much do lessons cost

    The cost is $16.50 per lesson per child paid via Direct Debit Monthly.
    This involves an upfront payment of the first few lessons and then on the 22nd of each month your account will be debited. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time.

  • When can I sign up?

    Any time you like. We take bookings 24 Hours per Day 7 Days per week via our website

  • How do I register?

    Check out our online bookings page and view, register and book classes online

  • How do I pay for lessons?

    Direct debit from a selected account or credit card on the 22nd of each month

  • How do I withdraw from lessons?

    Families who wish to withdraw from swim lessons will be asked to provide us notification in writing prior to the 20th of each month. Customers need to confirm that Fulton Swim School has received their request. No verbal cancellation requests, as an acceptable form of cancellation.

  • Do you offer make-ups for missed swim lessons?

    We can only offer make up lessons subject to class availability. At Fulton Swim School we have small class sizes and do not over book classes. We aim to give you a make up if children are sick or injured. We cannot guarentee make-up swim lessons with specific teachers. One make up lesson only per quarter is available and this is strictly due to availability there are no guarantees that we can offer these  

  • How long will it take for my child to swim?

    It is impossible to determine how long a child will take to learn to swim. Some factors which will affect the learning process are age, physical development of a child, playtime in the pool, frequency of lessons and parent style / approach to swimming. Each child learns at his or her own pace. If you participate in weekly swimming lessons throughout the year this equates to 20 hours of swimming tuition. This is not much time to learn the life skill of swimming. The more you do the better you will get.

  • When should I start my child in swimming lessons?

    We recommend that children be exposed to water as soon as they are born, bath-time fun (click here for more information).

    We commence parent and child classes at six months of age. Our classes develop confidence, water awareness and improve motor co-ordination in an aquatic environment. Children will learn skills that are vital for their development as swimmers and also water safety.

  • What should my child wear to swimming lessons?

    Please bring togs, towels, cap and goggles. Children under 3 (and older if not fully toilet-trained) must wear swim diapers. Here at Fulton Swim School we have a double nappy policy and require your child to wear a little swimmer disposable nappy as well as a Swimmer Diaper. The only floaters we want in our pools are our pupils!

    All pupils must wear swimming caps, this helps keep hair out of the face whilst practicing skills, keeps you warmer and also keeps our pool environment cleaner. Caps can be purchased from Fulton Swim School for $10.00. (Infants not required to wear swim caps)

  • What if my child is scared or cries during the lesson?

    Our teachers are trained to work with even the most fearful or nervous swimmers. Reassure your child and stay calm and then let the instructor work with your child.
    Some children experience separation anxiety or fear of a new place which both will diminish over time. Over the years we have developed many strategies to work through and overcome a student’s fears and anxiety.
    We recommend that you do not pull your child out of the pool during a lesson or stop lessons altogether. This can be detrimental because it allows the fear to be reinforced without giving the lessons a chance to work and the instructor the opportunity to alleviate the student’s fears. Your child’s safety is our top priority.
    Please be patient and allow the instructors and staff to do what we do best - teaching every child to learn to swim and love to swim!

  • What if my child is sick, should I bring him / her to the swimming lesson?

    If your child is showing flu-like symptoms, has a fever or any stomach or digestion problems, we request that they do not attend swim lessons. Please log into the customer portal on our website and mark your child as not attending

  • What is the water temperature?

    Fulton Swim School pride ourselves on having warm pools, we keep our pools at 32 degrees 

  • What is the depth of the pool?

    Our Puni facility slopes from 0.7 through to 1m, our Patumahoe facility slopes from 0.7 through to 1.2m.

  • Can I change my day or time?

    Just call or email us. We are here to help!

  • Do you teach children with special needs?

    Yes. If your child has special needs / a learning difficulty, please communicate with the staff and instructor about their individual needs. The more information we have on the needs of your child, the more effectively we can teach them to swim.

  • What can I do to make my child comfortable in the water?

    The bath tub is a great place to enjoy water play and to help a child become more comfortable with the water. Many skills can be practiced in a bathtub. Don’t be afraid to pour water over your child’s head and face. We also encourage the parent to take their child in a pool as often as possible. Exposure to swimming and having fun in the pool is the best way to mitigate or eliminate any fear of water or swimming. Remember in any environment with water watch your child, drowning is quick and silent.

  • Do you teach adults?

    Absolutely. We believe that all adults should know how to swim comfortably. It is particularly important for parents, to help insure the safety of their children. We have instructors who are trained to help swimming adults learn to swim, perfect their strokes and gain fitness.

  • Do you offer refunds, credits or transfers at Fulton Swim School?

    Due to operational costs, no refund, credits or transfers will be issued at Fulton Swim School